Seahawks Ticket Deals Via TiqIQ and Field Gulls


One part of Field Gulls that I actually don't talk enough about is our partnership with TiqIQ. What TiqIQ essentially does is serve as an aggregator for other ticket retailers such as StubHub and eBay, showing you a range of the most up-to-date ticket locations and prices. You can hover over a ticket that you think looks good (say, has a killer price), and the feature will even give you an approximate view of what you'd be seeing from your seat at the given stadium.

There's color-coded system that tells you if a ticket is a good or bad deal. Anyway, it's a cool upgrade to the site that we started last season and should give you an easy way to purchase tickets if you're not one of the few lucky season ticket holders. I've used StubHub in the past with great success and have managed to see a few Seahawks games at a significant discount using this function so rest assured I'm not dumping some weird system on you. What TiqIQ does is bring those established retailers into one spot for you and does a great job of collecting up to the minute prices across the web - I guess I'd compare it to Expedia in that sense - and gives you an easy snapshot of what ticket prices are looking like.

Here's a graphic that shows the current average prices for each Seahawks' home game -

Obviously, if you're still in the 'get tickets for Sunday or for the Packers game' mode, you're going to have to fork over some of your hard-earned, but checking into later season games right now would be highly advisable. Here's a link to a page that lists all the Seahawks' home games and their current pricing.

Again - I just want to point out that the "Tickets" pane, module, tab... whatever you want to call it, for TiqIQ, which has been up at the top right corner of our site for over a year now, and if you're looking for tickets it's the best place to start.

Two final points: First, if you follow me on Twitter I will be updating you periodically on good deals to games - and this is why you will also periodically see me talking about concert tickets -- they ask me first on all that stuff and I have to approve it, but from where I'm sitting, it might actually be a helpful thing to people that are looking for tickets. So watch for that.

Second, using TiqIQ is a great way to support me, your dauntless starving blogger. Because I actually don't live in my parents' basement, any little contribution helps a ton. With every ticket purchased through Field Gulls, I'll receive a small percentage of the ticket price. Anyway, if you appreciate my efforts and would like to support my dedication to writing, please give it a look-see. Even if you think I'm a hack, you still get to watch the Seahawks, so you should buy your tickets here regardless. Win-win.

PS - rec this bitch up so it stays near the top of the FanPosts section and I don't have to resort to berating you with these types of posts.

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