Enemy Reaction: Dallas Cowboys


First off, thanks to the class Cowboys fans who came to Field Gulls and made their congratulations and compliments. This is not a gloating post, for those not familiar with the feature, it's just a look at how the opposition reacts after they lose to the Seahawks. Admittedly, it hasn't happened often recently, but that's what makes it funny when a supposedly superior team loses to a team that hasn't had a winning record since 2007.

As usual, we start off with key plays and how Field Gulls and Blogging the Boys reacted. (Click to enlarge each image)

Not King Felix fumbles opening kickoff


Jeron Johnson scores on blocked punt


Brandon Browner gets his first INT of the year


Russell Wilson to Anthony McCoy for the touchdown


Beast Mode ends the game


Post-Game: What a Disaster

Total domination. That is the only way to describe what happened yesterday. The Seahawks were better in every phase of the game. The Cowboys flat out got their butts kicked.

I'm officially done with Felix Jones. He set the tone for the day by fumbling the opening kickoff. And, on the final play of the game, he had nothing but green grass and blockers in front of him and he just tripped over his own feet to end the game. He isn't the only reason the Cowboys lost, but he certainly deserves a big part of the blame.

I have lost all respect for Golden Tate. Sure, he lit up Sean Lee on that hit. But his celebration after a cheap shot was one of the worst displays of poor sportsmanship you'll ever see. I think he should be suspended not only for the hit but for the disgusting display he put on after the play while Sean Lee was laying on the ground. Golden Tate should be ashamed of his behavior but something tells me he isn't. - Romo2Witten from Defending the Star.

Post-Game: Inconsistency is Back

I’m sure like all fans, we are just pissed off beyond belief and with plenty reason. The Cowboys let us down, simple as that. Here we are thinking the Cowboys turned the corner after a great win on the road against the champs, but then they don’t even show up in Seattle. So much for thinking the Cowboys were returning to the 90′s, no these are the same ole Cowboys – inconsistent. What a joke of a performance and inexcusable.

First order of business should be the release of Felix Jones, he set the tempo with his bumbling fumble and he just is not any good in any phase of the game, he is a liability and today he killed us and we never recovered. You straight up suck Felix. Coach Garrett needs to send a message and cut this bum, there’s no reason to keep him on the team. Go ahead and promote Dunbar behind Murray and Tanner. - Joe Rodriguez via

Post-Game Video: I Told Y'all Not To Overlook Them

Cowboys 7 Seahawks 27: I Told Y'all Not To Overlook Them (via rangerscowboys3209)


I admit, I thought Seattle would get blown out. Not because the defense would have a terrible showing, but I felt the offense would continue it's problematic play and commit costly turnovers and sacks en route to short fields for Dallas against an eventually tiring defense. That didn't happen. Dallas made the costly turnovers on offense and special teams and Seattle dominated them whilst making zero mistakes. The pass rush only had 1 sack but they were on Romo's case constantly. Russell Wilson did enough to win and didn't make any damaging errors. Beast Mode was Beast Mode. The o-line held up against DaMarcus Ware. It was one of the most complete showings by the Seahawks in the Pete Carroll era and while this is a tad hyperbolic, it probably saved the season. An 0-2 start is not a death sentence, but with the NFC West's improvement (and the NFC as a whole) it sure would feel like one.

Green Bay is next Monday, and boy oh boy would it be nice to win that one and really get excited.

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