Instant Overreactions: Seahawks vs. Cardinals


I don't like Russell Wilson. Even in my instant rage I can understand that in the future he could be good, but he should not be starting right now. That was a mistake. Sure, the throw to Edwards was catchable but we shouldn't have even been in this mess. Take it one play earlier. Charlie Martin has multiple steps, is wide open going to the corner and Russell moon balls it allowing the defense to catch up. Take it 10 minutes earlier. A quarter earlier. His last play of the first half. His first drive of the game. Fucking moon balls. This is a very irritating theme with Russell. He says that his height doesn't affect him when he plays. Great. Tell yourself that to prepare mentally. But you are out of your fucking mind if you don't think the laws of physics say otherwise. If he is going to throw from the pocket, he has to have a high release to get it over the line. The ball then takes a trajectory straight to the fucking moon. If I were watching a George Melies film I would love that. But no. This is fucking football. Russell Wilson played like the game was too big for him. It took him until the last drive of the game to have any semblance of an actual quarterback. Too little too late. He spent the previous 59 minutes running away from open pockets. Overthrowing receivers out of bounds.

Just think for a moment. How many receptions were made by wideouts that didn't require them to jump or dive. I can think of two: a swing pass to Miller and a short out to Baldwin who dropped it because it actually landed near his feet and it probably threw him off because he was preparing to jump.

Our defense gave the offense a fucking gift over and over again. The offense pissed all over them. I thought the line did fine. Lynch ran well. There were a couple break downs and the Cardinals blitzed often. That's not an excuse for piss poor play. Do you think that this doesn't happen to every team every game? It does. Good offenses deals with it. They call quick passes to the middle of the field where the blitz came from. Good teams make them pay for the aggressiveness. But we can call those things. If it's a slant, Russell can't get it over the line quickly without throwing it to the moon first.

Remember how Matt Flynn dinked and dunked in the preseason? He was facing huge pressure from an amazing Broncos D-line. It wasn't flashy but that's the kind of shit that would have won us the game before the 4th quarter.

So that's how I feel right now. I'm sure in the morning I'll feel a little different... but I am not a fan of Wilson right now. I was a big fan of him leading up to the game, but I was in Flynn's camp before Pete made the Call. I was willing to go with it and I trusted Pete to make the right choice. He didn't. At least not in my mind right after this game. What overreactions are you having?

Here are a couple quick Fuck You's:

Fuck you Bevell. You called Marshawn Lynch on a draw with 30 seconds left in the game with 1/4 timeouts left? The depressing thing is that even I knew it was coming. If me and my dumbass can see it, I'm sure as shit the defense sees it too. Too often you called plays that were over-thought and unnecessarily cute. Just keep to the basics at your next job and you'll be fine.

Fuck you Braylon Edwards. You want to be a playmaker? Make the fucking play. There's a reason why the wide-out desperate 49ers didn't want you. But you did make some great catches in the preseason so it all evens out right?

Fuck you Russell Okung. I don't expect you to be Walter Jones. That would be unfair. But I also expect you to not jump like a little bitch. And can you please make it through a game without hurting yourself. You should be the rock. You can be that rock.

Fuck you Phoenix. Your weather is terrible and not fit for human life. Yet you say fuck nature. We are going to drain so much electricity to keep our A/C blaring... yet you refuse to use any solar panels for anything. The sun is the one god damned thing you have and you don't harness for anything. Seriously. Next time you are in the Phoenix area. Hike up Camelback Mountain and count all the solar panels you see on the millions of McMansions.... and then check yourself into the hospital because you probably are dehydrated.

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