Jaguars sign Marcus Trufant

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks' legend reunites with Gus Bradley in Jacksonville.

Former Seahawks' CB Marcus Trufant - the last remaining player still around from Seattle's 2005 Super Bowl XL roster - has signed on with Gus Bradley and the Jaguars. Trufant played in a limited but important role in the slot last year for the Seahawks - an extremely difficult transition from the outside with totally different responsibilities & technique - and struggled at times, almost always to the great consternation of fans. However, considering the late-career position change and the fact that apparently no one else could beat him out for playing time there, I'd reckon he was faced with a pretty tough task in the first place - a challenge he met head on and never complained about. Trufant ended up playing about 35% of Seattle's total snaps from that spot, behind only Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner in total plays.

The former Pro Bowl cornerback has my utmost respect and I'll always be a big fan. He was gracious enough to talk to our own Jacson Bevens last year even in a tumultuous time, when Trufant didn't exactly know if the team had plans for him in their future and he was battling to return from a back injury. Bevens asked him about the inevitable possibility of playing somewhere other than Seattle:

As Jacson related, Trufant said, in no uncertain terms, "I'm a Seahawk, man. Always have been. That's where my focus is."

Per Bevens:

The NFL is a frozen-steel threshing machine that has chopped many a career into stunted chapters. A lifelong member of one team, especially one that has seen so much turnover, is really something special. As Trufant told me, "Not many people have done that." Marcus Trufant may not get to finish his career as a one-team player -- both management and player have a big decision looming -- but the amount of time he's spent with the team we love is something to be appreciated.

As far as being the 'Hawkfather, "Nah man, (laughing), I can't say that."

Yes you can, Marcus.

Damn straight.

Trufant's steady, stoic, yet sometimes exuberant on-field demeanor and unparalleled off-field professionalism is likely the exact type of presence that Gus Bradley desires greatly in his young lockerroom. With the Jaguars rebuilding their secondary - Jonathan Cyprien, Dwayne Gratz, Josh Evans, Jeremy Harris and Demetrius McCray in one draft alone (!!) - Trufant can provide mentorship and leadership to the young crop. Hell, he'll probably end up playing quite a bit too. Best of luck to the 'Hawkfather down in Jacksonville.

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