Russell Wilson calling his own shots?

So this is my first fanpost. I figured the subject was worth it's own thread...

When a quarterback proves he's competent, the next question asked is "Can he call his own game?"

Wait, what? The rook call his own game?!


Does Wilson have the mettle? Is he mentally strong enough to learn the current playbook inside and out, plus whatever else is thrown at him? Is 8 months enough time? Will his teammates get behind such a move?

I have no doubt in my mind that for the long term future of this offense (and so goes the team) that Wilson should be in command. In complete command.

You know what I saw in the Atlanta game? I saw Golden Tate catch a ball on our sideline, get up, toss the ball and shake his head in disgust. He was frustrated with the play calls. It was the WR screen. The one that had went missing for two months while Bevell goofed around and tinkered with his toy. In general, without listing every play I had a problem with..... I saw a team of young talented players, with a leader at the helm, And I also saw plenty of evidences of that talent being held back.

Don't believe me though. When asked halfway threw the year what had changed about Wilson, Pete Carroll spoke honestly "Nothing has changed with him, we've changed".

Well brothers, the look Golden Tate gave our sideline is the look i'm giving our coaches going into the off season.

I'd like you all to do something for me. I'd like everybody to imagine this off season. Close your eyes and imagine Wilson calling up his teammates and getting practices going. Wilson calling his teammates up to go for a morning jog or to go lift. Wilson calling some guys up to watch a great game from this past season & to break it down. Wilson mentoring guys threw the tough times they are having and being a friend to any teammate that needs one. Imagine a young talented offense gelling into one of the best offenses in the NFL. Now... open your eyes and stop imagining, because that's what's going to happen.

I just sincerely hope that two years from now when Wilson is calling his own shots, that Pete Carrolls answer isnt "Well, he's proven it hasn't he.... if only we would have gotten out of his way last year".

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