Questions for my Field Gulls brethren

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I have just now got out of the fetal position and finally ended my crying. Since the Sunday my mighty Hawks fell to the jerkass Falcons, I have been firmly planted behind my couch crying while on the phone to my friends who were also crying. Side note, my beef with the Falcons goes to their loss to the 9ers as much as it goes to ending our season. I'd just like to make that clear, no hate, just pent up rage. Having said that, this is a Seahawks site, and we all want to read more about the Hawks, that's why we're here.

Upon saying that I, as well as most of you, have many questions left over from our most recent Seahawks season. The purpose of my post is to ask a series of questions and hear what all of my friends here have to say about the different subjects. I, for one, cannot say how amazing of a site this has been all season and seasons prior. I firmly believe we have the best people possible running the site. I think we can also agree that this site's awesomeness (Hawksomeness?) has as much to do with them as it does with us, the diehard Seahawks fans. Most of us come to this site as part of the ritual of our day, I come here before facebook or any adorable pictures of cats, and certainly before I head off to school or work or whatever it is that you reading this happen to do.

I have had as much fun reading this site as I do watching the games (that's a lie, but it is close) and for that I salute you all. Everyone who I have come into contact with on this site I have respect for. That my friends, is why I am posting this. This post is just a list of my questions I would like to have answered by anyone. Well enough of me telling you how awesome you all are, lets get this list started. In the comments please put the number of my question next to your response so we can all easily follow what you're saying. Thanks!


1) Taking your preseason expectations of this team, and I know you all had your schedules marked, how much of a success was the season?

2) Rhetorical, but how fucking awesome is Russell Wilson? I mean seriously you guys, I have never been this stoked about a QB. I love that man. I love him like I like it when my woman wakes me up with fresh brewed, french pressed coffee (actually way more than that, but she'll probably read this).

3) Did the Falcons game show you how much fight and power we have in our team, or was it as big a let down as possible?

4) Who do we now think are some of our "primetime" players? Zach Miller with his huge game? Earl with his two interceptions in the two playoff games? Anyone else who you think stepped it up? (Obviously Russell but that's like saying 1+1 =2. We all know it's true without checking)

5) Is our slow start to many games this season due to being unprepared or other teams scripting well against us before we can adjust? Or any other reason we might have for starting out so many games so slow?

6) How much fun did you guys have this season? I could write tons about this, but I'll leave it up to you guys.

7) Did the loss of Chris Clemons have a big impact of the Falcons game? How integral is he to our defensive success?

8) How did Bruce Irvin fit into your expectations? Just looking at this one season.

9) How much consideration should Bobby Wagner get for Defensive Rookie of the Year? His stats are god durn impressive, but how big was his impact on the actual defense?

10) Did Earl Thomas show enough improvement for everyone to consider him elite now?

11) How much of a concern is Marshawn's fumbles? I know he doesn't have much of a history with them since he's been a Seahawk, but it is worth bringing up.

12) Do you now trust Golden Tate and Sidney Rice to be our top two receivers? Also Mr. Baldwin, he was amazing last year but had a lot to get through this year. He just didn't seem to have that same "POP" he did last year.

13) How do you feel about our offensive line? Have we finally gotten to where we want to be or should we replace someone? I know you can always improve but do you feel good about the players in there?

14) If we could replace any single position on our team, who would you replace if they could be replaced with a quality player. I have a feeling many of us would point to LeRoy Hill, but if that's your answer, give me another one in addition to him.

15) Is the team's amazing rebuilding process due to Schneider or Carroll? I know they're on the same page for the most part, but the question would be more of a, "is it good players or a good scheme?" type of question.

16) What happened to our undoubtedly elite D in the games where we lost in the final seconds because we couldn't stop the other team at the end of the game?

17) Who is your favorite Seahawk?

18) What player do you most want us to draft this offseason? (within possibility)

19) Why are you a Seahawks fan when there are 31 other teams to root for? This one I have particular interest in, I don't have a great answer, but I have been a diehard Seattle sports fan for longer then I can remember.

20) Is Richard Sherman now the best shutdown corner in the NFL?

21) What are we lacking to become the best team in the NFC or all of football?

22) What is expected of us next year, now that we have proven we are one of the best in our conference?

23) Seriously you guys, who fucking amazing is Russell Wilson? I wish I had a better vocabulary just so I could tell you guys how amazing he is.

Once again I appreciate everyone who continues to make this site the best football site on the internet. Once again, and forever, GO HAWKS! till death.... and beyond.

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