The Coaching Carousel, and who's up next??

Hey guys, I've been out of town the last week so I havn't been able to post the million thoughts I've had on my mind on this glorious website that will let just about any Tom, Dick or Harry post whatever the hell they want with absolutely no proof reading by anyone(hmm, sound familier???)

Anyway, with the Coaching Carousel spinning around at break-neck speed, mach 3, warp 9, whatever you want to call it, my(our?) worst fear has come to light- our beloved Seahawks' might start to become victims of their own success.

News broke today, on this site (or Hub) that Gus Bradley is on tap to interview for the Eagles head coaching position, and I'm sure that won't be the only one. Rumors have been swirling that Darrell Bevell's name has been floated around a couple of these teams too, possibly for a head coach, or assistant head coach spot. And of course, we cannot forget Tom Cable, who had plenty of time as OC/head coach in Oakland, before the late Al Davis lopped his head off with a machete and dropped him right in our laps.

So we one or more of our Cordinators/assisstant head coachs facing the possibility for advancement within the league, a huge question has shattered my otherwise calm, tepid shell-

Can we really afford to lose these guys???

PC/JS will tell the media "Congratulations to so and so, we wish them well on their new journey with the asshats" or whatever team they end up going to. But I assure you, deep down inside, behind closed doors, their throwing stuff. Their cussin. We got a nice, comfertable program here, everyone makin money, everyone happy happy happy. They don't want em to leave.

Us as fans don't want them to leave(with the exception of Bevell, who only recently placated the unwashed masses of Seahawks' fans everywhere.) I mean, our defense is the best in the league, and our offense, and offensive line, are still babies, just starting to grow up as a unit. Bevell or Cable leaving now would be like your parents getting divorced just before you hit puberty, and having to see one of them with their new spouse one or more times a year and pretend its not really, really awkward.

Anyway, enough groveling. When push comes to shove, these guys earned their right to move up in the league and take over a team. What it comes down to, like everything else, is more or less money. We all understand that. Noone expects them to do their job for half what they could get somewhere else. And more power to em. Thats the American way.

So my question I pose to you, the 12th man(and woman!) reading this, is this- Not if, but when, we lost one or more of our current coordinators, who are we going to replace them with? Will we, as I feel we probably will, promote from within? Nothing points to that-Cable, Bevell, and Bradley were all hired from outside the organization.

More importantly, will we lose players that they drag along with them? Cable basically brought in Robert Gallery and Zach Miller. Bevell brought in Sydney Rice and Tavaris Jackson. Pretty sure Bradley brought over a guy from Tampa Bay (Edgerrin James or Lawyer Milloy?)

Lastly, how much will this hurt us when these guys leave? Bevell and Bradley call the plays. Losing one or both of them would set us back at least in the short term. Plus you have to wonder the overarching influence another coordinator will bring to the offense/defense.

I look forward to reading everyones comments. In the end, we can't worry about things we can't control. We should be happy for whoever leaves for greener pastures, however hard it may be on all of us. And for once, be thankful that our guys are moving up, and leaving in good terms, and not being shit canned for poor performance!(Mora, Bates, Knapp)

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