The 2nd Quarter (of the season)

The first quarter of the season has come and gone, and the Seahawks have emerged with a best case scenario: 4-0. (Go Hawks!) This after facing tough opponents in the Panthers, Niners, and Texans.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the next portion of the schedule and try to predict how things will shake out. Here are the Seahawks next 4 opponents:

Seahawks (4-0)
Week 5 @ Colts
Week 6 vs Titans
Week 7 @ Cardinals
Week 8 @ Rams

The game at the Colts will be tough. After that, the next 3 games should be much easier. I suppose the Cardinals have a shot to play the role of spoiler, or maybe the Titans surprise everyone with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but I trust the Seahawks to win these three, putting us at (8-0) or (7-1). The 49ers will also have a good shot at sweeping weeks 6-8, so if we want to pull away by another game our best shot is here in week 5. It's hard to envision this stretch of the season ending worse than Seahawks at (7-1) and 49ers at (6-2), and it could easily be Seahawks (8-0) and 49ers (5-3). Vote for what you think the Seahawks will end at!

Upcoming games for the rest of the NFC:

NFC West

49ers (2-2)
Week 5 vs Texans
Week 6 vs Cardinals
Week 7 @ Titans
Week 8 @ Jaguars

Cardinals (2-2)

Week 5 vs Panthers
Week 6 @ 49ers
Week 7 vs Seahawks
Week 8 vs Falcons
Rams (1-3)
Week 5 vs Jaguars
Week 6 @ Texans
Week 7 @ Panthers
Week 8 vs Seahawks

NFC North

Bears (3-1)
Week 5 vs Saints
Week 6 vs Giants
Week 7 @ Redskins
Week 8 BYE
Lions (3-1)
Week 5 @ Packers
Week 6 @ Browns
Week 7 vs Bengals
Week 8 vs Cowboys
Packers (1-2)
Week 5 vs Lions
Week 6 @ Ravens
Week 7 vs Browns
Week 8 @ Vikings
Vikings (1-3)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 vs Panthers
Week 7 @ Giants
Week 8 vs Packers

NFC South

Saints (4-0)
Week 5 @ Bears
Week 6 @ Patriots
Week 7 BYE
Week 8 vs Bills
Panthers (1-2)
Week 5 @ Cardinals
Week 6 @ Vikings
Week 7 vs Rams
Week 8 @ Buccaneers
Falcons (1-3)
Week 5 vs Jets
Week 6 BYE
Week 7 vs Buccaneers
Week 8 @ Cardinals
Buccaneers (0-4)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 vs Eagles
Week 7 @ Falcons
Week 8 vs Panthers

NFC East

Cowboys (2-2)
Week 5 vs Broncos
Week 6 vs Redskins
Week 7 @ Eagles
Week 8 @ Lions
Eagles (1-3)
Week 5 @ Giants
Week 6 @ Buccaneers
Week 7 vs Cowboys
Week 8 vs Giants
Redskins (1-3)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 @ Cowboys
Week 7 vs Bears
Week 8 @ Broncos
Giants (0-4)
Week 5 vs Eagles
Week 6 @ Bears
Week 7 vs Vikings
Week 8 @ Eagles
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