Ask A Colts Fan

Mike Ehrmann

Greetings 12th men!

Our teams meet this Sunday here in Indianapolis. Continuing an SBNation tradition I am creating this post to discuss the upcoming game from the opposition perspective. I am hoping other Colts fans will drop in to answer questions as well. I'll start with the basics.

Colts so far this season....

Had a truly ugly win against the Raiders at home. Had a fairly ugly loss against the Dolphins at home. Had a near perfect domination of the Niners on the road. And then a win in the JV scrimmage in north Florida. Hard to tell what to make of the team at this point. There are times where they look like world-beaters and others where they look like a bunch of unprepared 2nd year players (which many of them are.)

The Good...

Andrew Luck. He really is that good. He is not being asked to do as much this year under Pep Hamilton's offense, but still runs the game very efficiently and can carry the team by himself if needed. Reggie Wayne is ageless and still playing at a dominant level. Finally, the defense has been a great surprise for us this year. The pass rush has actually been relevant and the defensive backfield is a strength for the team. Vonte Davis has really become a stud corner. Greg Toler has been better than expected. FS, Antione Bethea is a very solid vet and SS Laron Landy is a missle... assuming he stays on the field.

The Bad...

Injuries. We have already lost several key pieces for the year along the offensive front. TE, Dwayne Allen probably being the most disappointing to lose. We have also been down two OL on an already suspect unit. The interior line gives up a lot of pressure. The team has been good overall, but not great in my opinion. Some of the play calling has drawn the ire of fans as being too conservative (run-centric.) We are among the leaders in rushing yards per game, but the run game still doesn't pass the eye test. The hope is Richardson will change that when he gets up to speed, but he has looked somewhat pedestrian so far.

The Game...

At the beginning of the season, I suspect most Colts fan had this one marked down as an L. That is probably still the case, but hope is a little higher following the beat down we issued San Fran. We won that game by going man coverage on the WRs and stacking the box against the run. I would not be surprised to see that same tactic used here. I think Wilson is a better passer than Kaep, but there isn't really anyone catching passes that strikes fear into a defense. On offense, the Colts need to pass protect and be efficient on 3rd down. Going to be tricky against a defense as vicious as the Seahawks. Seattle's corners are very physical and Wayne may have trouble there. Hilton is small, but quicker. He may be the better matchup, but has been inconsistent in catching the ball. If the run game gets rolling, we might have a chance. My heart says Colts put it together one more time and pull the upset, but my head says it doesn't happen....

Seahawks - 24 Colts - 13

So, fire away with any questions you have. I will answer what I can and rely on others to chime in as well.

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