If you can't beat them, join them

It's never too late to repent and change your ways.

OK, I give up.

I kept shouting from the rooftops that something special happened on Sunday that defies stats and numbers just to be ridiculed or ignored. Pete said it about RW, other reporters noticed it and referred to it. Somewhere between my careless typing in English and my strange opinion that the numbers in this specific game are meaningless inspire the feeling I am not intelligent enough to merit serious consideration.

So be it. If you can’t beat them – join them.

Since we did win that game and since this cannot be an event that goes beyond numbers and stats and only an idiot like me can think it does – here are the numbers of how we won that game. The numbers never lie so –

The Offense:

Being the run first team that we are behind the mighty ZBS Oline paving the way we ended up rushing for a season best both in total yards and in yards per carry. While Lynch ended up with 5.8 yards per carry and 98 yards, RW ended the game with 7.7 yards per carry and 77 yards both season bests. Great game plan, great execution, kudos to all.

Not only did the Oline blow the Texans run defense, they also held the mighty J.J. Watt averaging over 1 sack a game since the beginning of 2012 to less than 50% of his season average. Way to go big guys.

Add to it our top 2 receivers averaging 14 yards per reception while the Texans top receivers average just 12 yards and the picture is clear. Win Seahawks.

More telling than all of the above is just how efficient our offense was –

Red zone Efficiency – 100% (Texans 33%).

Goal To Go Efficiency – 100% (Texans 50%)

You really can't do better than that now can you?

The Defense:

I may be revealing secret information that might help future opponents but what the hack – here it is:

Since the beginning of 2012 the Seahawks defense held opponents to an average of just 1 point a game when trailing by 14 points or more. So the Texans didn't stand a chance.

The 2013 stats reveal vital information that the Colts must be pondering right now. When trailing at halftime the Seahawks never allow an opponent to score after halftime. Furthermore, the Seahawks defense will only allow scoring during one half of each game. If you scored in the first half you won't be allowed to score in the second so better pile on those points while you can. Any team playing the Seahawks and planning to score in the 2nd half should not score during the first half. The Texans rush to score in the first half was their undoing.

I can go on and on. I can mention the Texans 14.5 first downs to interception ratio that is clearly below the Seahawks 15 first downs to interception or our low average of 7 yards per penalty compared to the Texans whopping 14 yards per penalty. I can elaborate on our losing just 6 yards per sack while the Texans were set back 7.5 yards per sack but I think you get the picture.

The Seahawks won – by the numbers.

Some of you might find the above to have nothing to do with the game you saw. Statistics are like that. Even when they are 100% accurate they are at best supporting validation to a proven cause and effect hypothesis. On this Sunday they meant very little. We know what we saw even if we refuse to accept it.

When I was majoring in mathematics and computer science I took a course on statistics and probabilities. On the first lesson the professor told us a story about a hidden island discovered in the Pacific Ocean. It was populated by 2 tribes – one tribe of midgets all under 4 feet tall and another tribe of giants all over 7 feet tall. The statistic report about the Island was – Population 7,000, Average height 5 feet 8 inches. Again, accurate but not very informative. Reminds me of our defense on Sunday.

LOL...being a grumpy idiot is fun.

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