S.O.S. !!!


The nice win in Arizona, the news regarding the poor state of the RAMS for the coming Monday coupled with the Harvin and RealRob return has broken the dam. Suddenly everyone jumped aboard the smooth ride to the SB wagon. Instead of fumbles, pass protection and Oline issues all we hear about is the soft schedule ahead and the only debate is 15-1 or 14-2.

Well, it's true. We are 6-1. We do have what looks like a rather easy schedule based on the current performance of the opposing teams.

However, you can't be a true Seahawks fan with nothing to worry about so it's time to look ahead and issue the warnings –

You never write off an NFL team – It was just 2 months ago when names like Atlanta, Giants or Minnesota were predicted to be top 10 teams on various surveys. Looking at 2012 you will find that most teams after week 4 didn't want to meet the 4-0 Cardinals. Even after week 8 nobody was trembling in fear when they saw the 4-4 Seahawks on the schedule ahead. Things change, any given sunday and all that. Teams will suddenly catch back wind and others may drop down. What looks like easy today may prove very hard on game day.

OK…so you are not buying it? You are right. We are a very very good team only getting better and I can't scare you with idle warnings regarding loosing teams suddenly becoming fearsome opponents. Here lies the true problem on the road ahead. We are playing weak teams and while that helps the probability of winning it hurts the all mighty SOS.

Strength Of Schedule (SOS) – The easier the road ahead gets the worse our strength of schedule looks. Looking ahead to the playoffs there are currently 2 teams to worry about – SF and NO. SF will compete with us for the division title and both will compete for the best record in the conference. Right now, as we look ahead, finishing the season at a club best ever 14-2 with just one more lose away at SF sounds great but will it give us home court advantage? Not sure.

If the 9ers will win all their games, and they do look good right now, they will end up with the same 14-2 record. Since we split the games between us and both lost to the Colts the tie breaker will slide all the way to SOS. Both teams play the same 14 games and the other 2 games are us against the Giants and Vikings and them against the Packers and Redskins. Our weak SOS will bite us in the butt and they will win the division.

As for NO – they face a lot of tough games to come - at Seatle, At Jets, vs Cowboys, vs 49ers and twice against the Panthers. Is it likely that they will end up with the same record as us or the 9ers? – not really, but if they do their SOS will put them ahead of both.

In view of the above here are the weeks and games we should be very interested in other then our games:

Week 9 – NO at JETS

Week 10 – PANTERS at SF, COWBOYS at NO.

Week 11 – SF at NO.

Week 12 – SF at REDSKINS.

Week 13 – NO at SEAHAWKS.

Week 14 – SEAHAWKS at SF.

Week 16 – NO at PANTERS.

There are other games we or them may slip and lose. The Packers may have something to say about it all but right now the above look like the games to decide home court advantage.

Now we have something to worry about again and we can feel like true seahawks fans.


P.S. - my prediction - Each of the 3 wins at home, we end up 14-2, the 9ers end up 13-3, NO will end up 12-4. We beat the chiefs 28-17 in the SB. and life is beautiful.

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