The GOOD, the BAD and the very UGLY.

MNF was all of the above - BIG TIME.

Fellow 12ths,

If any of you feel like reading Seahawks related material so close to last night's extravaganza, you must be wondering what could be good about it all. Quit a lot actually so I'll leave it to the end and start with the ugly.

The very UGLY – This will be short and not very sweet. Everything about last night's game other then the finale score was very ugly. (yes…stopping them after they spend a million snaps in the red zone was kinda cool but ugly)

The BAD – My bad today is high up the packing order. My bads are Pete and Tom. 2 months ago I posted a "Dear Tom" letter here. The main point in it was – macho statements like "We do not like to be pin cushions, we like to tattoo people" are dumb and enforce the attitude of your players to value run blocking over pass protection. DUMB. When Pete kept stating that we will not change anything about our run first attitude I was unhappy. He said it with regards to RW's roll this year but again players listen to what their coach says. In an always compete environment you work harder on run first if that's your coach's mantra. Facing the cameras and muttering that all will be better once Okung and Breno are back is another way of saying – It's McQ and Bowie's fault and not our fault as coaches. The way the Oline plays is your job Mr. Cable. The way the team plays with this Oline is your responsibility Mr. Carol. They way you both react and adapt to the situation is on you both. Start by making Pin cushions PROUD at what they do and make an effort to help them do better would be a good place to start. They did not deserve to be humiliated this way on national stage when their coaching staff fails to address the issue properly for weeks. If the success of an Oline is only dependent on the talent and personal play of its players then they don't need a coach or a game plan. If you can't think of anything to do about it - get them all T-Shirts saying "I'M A PROUD PIN CUSHION".

p.s. – Rice's knee falls under bad too.

The GOOD – OK, so what could be good about it? Here goes…

RW keeps growing. Being Sacked 50 times, hurried and hit 100 times does not fall under his main responsibility. Not fumbling on any of those, not turning the ball over, Understanding that while saving the day is on your shoulders, risking it could cost you the gameis on him. Playing safe and placing his trust in the defense rather then trying to force his way to victory is a sign of maturity beyond his years and experience. We have grown used to it from him but it's worth mentioning.

Wake up call is good. Usually in life lessons are learned at a cost. Yesterday's lesson was free (we didn't lose the game to learn it). It's time to find answers rather then look who to blame. It came at a good time in the schedule. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!

And WINNING is good. Winning is always good. Winning 7 out of 8 is very good. Being 7-1 is good. Being the kind of team that wins football games week after week no matter what is good. Winning the games that the stats say you lost is very very good. (Texans and Rams)

The great teams know how to win. They know to win big and they know how to crawl and claw their way across the finish line. They play to win. That's actually very very good.

Last word of advice with regards to the media frenzy that will follow this horrendous performance – "If you want to shoot – shoot. Don't talk". There is a game in 5 days time and it's time to put some effort into fixing this before it becomes the notorious Seahawks 2013 collapse after starting 7-1. Remember last year's Texans.

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