Mid season celebrations

It's mid season and the silence is roaring...

It's mid season and all the usual festivities and mid season reports are not their. Everybody is walking with their heads bowed in shame after MNF. The only topics on board are the fear for the future and the Oline situation.

Wake up 12ths.

That game is over.

I took the time to check again the NFL rules and regulations. I was amazed again at the very narrow view they adopted to decide who wins and who loses football games. In the most analyzed sport in the world with all the advanced mathematical tools to determine what every player does on every snap all they seem to care about is what's written on the scoreboard at the end of each game.

In view of this approach by the NFL I have decided that when I evaluate the first half of the 2013 season I will avoid the other feel good or feel bad statistics and put myself in their shoes.

Amazing as it may sound after the MNF game – the NFL official standings have the Seahawks at the top of the NFC west with a record of 7-1.

Yes, it is amazing that a team that can't gain more then whatever yards of offense in a whole game is currently ranked the best in the NFC on the NFL standing charts. I wonder what kind of weird unsubstantiated numerical manipulations took place to reach such a farfetched conclusion.

This absurd situation makes evaluating the Seahawks' half season very difficult.

To start, let's put MNF to rest. To win football games you need to score more points. Those are best achieved by scoring touchdowns. We scored 2 of those. The Rams didn't score any. WE WON.

A few weeks ago after the Texans game I declared that this game and the way it ended will be a major momentum defining point for the whole season. One commentator described the Seahawks swagger and attitude on Monday night as follows – No matter how bad things looked on the field the Seahawks looked like they were leading by 50 points. In the last minutes of the game as the rams were charging down the field and the clock was running out Pete did not take a single time out. He didn't stop the clock so that in case they do score a TD we'll have some time to try and get back on top. He made a statement. Here we are – beat us if you can. The defense responded. They could not beat us. CAR, SF, HOU, JAX, TEN, ARZ couldn't beat us either.

Now to the mid season festivities –

8 games down, 8 to go.

5 away games, 3 10am Games, 2 division away games, missing both tackles for most of them, Irvin out for 4 games, Clem for 3, Miller for 2, Bennett and Avril for 1, Scruggs and McCoy gone for the season and Harvin still to come.

And…WE ARE 7-1 !!!

I've been with the hawks since the 70's. Season after season of checking how many games behind a possible last wild card spot we are. A few good seasons but never a 7-1 team. Never a team that won 4 out of 5 away games. This is BIG. You don't waste it all moaning over a WIN.

At mid point we are one of the following-

The cup half empty – We are the worst 7-1 team in the history of the game. We were ohh so lucky at Houston and STL. We are a very flawed team with the mounting list of injuries and STL gave the whole NFL the blue print of how to run against us and how to stop our offense. We will win some more games due to home advantage and softer schedule in the 2nd half but comes playoffs time we will be no match for the true NFL powerhouses.

The cup half full – We are a very special elite team. We have overcome so much adversity in those 8 weeks with barley one lose. As good as our defense is ranked it is still a work in progress and is underrated. It will keep winning games and ensure we end the season 1st in the NFC. We'll be playing the playoffs at home and will be in NY in February.

Here is what I think –

We are an amazing special team. I said it after the Texans game and I say it again now. In the constant chess game that NFL game plans are we have a lot to do but SB winners are teams that reach their peak on January. We'll get players back and work things out. We are WINNERS. We get on the field to win football games and we find a way to win them. We may lose the SF game but we will win 7 more games this season. We are not here to post this or that statistic victory. We will not apologize for not meeting various expectations. We will play every Sunday, mark another notch on the gun handle and move to the next game.

We are the Seattle Seahawks, we chew gum and kick ass and we are all out of gum, FEAR US.

That's me. That's how I feel. And I LOVE IT.

damn that felt good.

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