Consider This...Browner and Thurmond III Could End Up on the Same Team.

I recently realized that the Seattle Seahawks may not have enough cap space to pull off resigning Brandon Browner and, more importantly, Walter Thurmond III. Ideally, the Seahawks would resign the younger and much quicker Thurmond but this becomes difficult with the looming contract extensions of Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Russell Okung, and potentially Michael Bennett and Brandon Mebane. A likely scenario would mean the Seahawks let both Browner and Thurmond walk since their market value will be so high and thus too costly. Their replacements, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, and potentially Tharold Simon will come cheaper and already provide strong defensive coverage.

Now if the Seahawks let both Browner and Thurmond enter free agency next year, they both could actually end up on the same team together if an organization is willing to break bank for them. Crazy, right? I think this is a real possibility considering the recent accolades of the Legion of Boom. So far, Seattle's vaunted secondary is rightfully being praised for the team's current string of success. The key is in their ability and depth. The Seahawks have a horse's stable full of physical and athletic corners with the taught skill set of jamming receivers at the line without getting flagged. Think about that. Not very many teams have this, and yet every team wants it. Seattle has an overabundance and most teams would obligingly relieve them of this. Realistically, a team could get two above-average starters/vets with a unique skill set in one fell swoop, all while creating new a physical culture within their defensive secondary. Again, think about that.

Browner could ideally match up with one-on-one with an opponent's biggest and physical receiver while Thurmond can match up one-on-one with opponent's quicker and speedier receiver. Thurmond also plays exceptionally well at the nickle back. You could get two different types of corners who can counter-attack whatever opposing teams throw at you. Seattle is fortunate to have both of them while also having a shutdown corner in Richard Sherman and one of the most instinctive and fastest Seahawk free safeties ever in Earl Thomas. I just don't think Seahawk fans realize how lucky they are right now. What their seeing is pretty special. It happens like once-every-twenty-years for most franchises. Enjoy it because it may not happen like this for a very long time.

I won't pretend to understand every team's financial situation and there's a lot of teams who may not need or can't afford both corners but I think there are a few teams who would love to get their defensive secondary issues fixed right away. Here are some potential candidates based on an eye-level observation.

1. Dallas Cowboys. Do they have the cap space? Probably not but they do have a rich Jerry Jones and a terrible secondary. Also, Monte Kiffin (if he has a job after this season) said he wants to emulate the Seahawks defensively. What better way than to take their two of their best defensive secondary players?

2. Jacksonville Jaguars. This makes a lot of sense for several reasons. Former Seahawk defensive mastermind, Gus Bradley, would love to create his own little Seahawkian Utopia in the humid world of Florida. Is there better way than to bring in his two Sith Lords to teach the naive padwans his dark philosophy of jamming the wide receivers at the line (I can already hear 49er fans screaming defensive holding!).

3. Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly is quickly finding out that no matter how many yards you gain and points you score, you're going to need a good defense to maintain your lead. At U of O, he has always had an affinity for good solid corners. His pass defense is among the worst and could use literally two solid corners. He also might not mind having more PAC-12 alumni on his team (Browner, Oregon State; Thurmond, Oregon).

4. Minnesota Vikings. If they release Jared Allen, this becomes very possible. The Vikings have been giving so much talent and flops to the Seattle Seahawks recently, it might be the Seahawks time to return the favor. By the way, talent = both corners, flop = Browner (again, he needs a rangy safety for help).

5. Atlanta Falcons. There is a growing sentiment that the Falcons are in desperate need for a refurbished defensive secondary. The fact they give up so many yards through the air and during critical moments is becoming a Falcons nightmare. I think they'd trade Asante Samuel and the rest of the crew for Browner and Thurmond in a heartbeat.

6. Denver Broncos. Now here's a team that probably cannot afford both but may go hard after one of them. It is no secret that the Broncos want a physical corner to compete come playoff time. Champ Bailey is simply not getting it done anymore. I think Thurmond makes the most sense, since he has the speed to keep up with teams during the one-on-one situations. Denver opponents often have to pass since they're always playing in catch-up mode with the Broncos prolific offense. Denver will go into the off-season looking for defensive help at the line and in the secondary because they'll probably get killed there come playoff time. Just a hunch.

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