Cheers and Tears: Your week 10 "Enemy Reactions" (49ers, Falcons, Titans, Redskins, and more!)

That's right! I'm giving this another trial run before switching back to just a Seahawks-focused Enemy Reaction for the next 2-3 wins (because I'm cocky enough to think we will get 2-3 more wins). Normally Enemy Reaction gives us a look into how the fans of Seattle's opponents felt during key moments during their respective games, but this one is going to gloss over some of the best (worst?) moments in week 10 of the NFL.

This week you'll see how Falcons fans reacted to Golden Tate's touchdown, Bengals and Ravens diehards losing their minds over the AJ Green touchdown, and yes, you will see the game thread reactions for Colin Kaepernick's interception in the closing stages of Carolina/San Francisco.

Per your suggestions, I've added GIFs for several of these plays just in case you missed it live on Thursday/Sunday. So let's take a look at the Cheers and Tears from this past week's action:

#8 - Leslie Frazier inexplicably calls timeout with a running clock as Redskins look for tying touchdown (34-27 MIN)


#7 - But the Redskins call a 4th down fade route to 5'9" Santana Moss, lose game anyway (34-27 MIN)


#6 - Tavon Austin breaks free for 3rd touchdown of the game in blowout win over Colts (35-0 STL)

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#5 - Packers DBs turn into Keystone Cops, Desean Jackson winds up with touchdown for the Eagles (7-0 PHI)



#4 - Golden Tate makes phenomenal one-handed TD catch for the Seahawks (23-3 SEA)



#3 - AJ Green catches last second Hail Mary to force OT for the Bengals vs. Ravens, who lose anyway (20-20)


#2 - Will Blackmon rips football away from Ryan Fitzpatrick, gives Jaguars first win of the season (29-20 JAC)



#1 - Drayton Florence makes game-clinching interception for Panthers, sends 49ers to big home loss (10-9 CAR)


The following game thread comments came from these blogs:

Daily Norseman (Vikings)

Hogs Haven (Redskins)

Acme Packing Company (Packers)

Bleeding Green Nation (Eagles)

Music City Miracles (Titans)

Big Cat Country (Jaguars)

Turf Show Times (Rams)

Stampede Blue (Colts)

Field Gulls (Come on....)

The Falcoholic (Falcons)

Cat Scratch Reader (Panthers)

Niners Nation (49ers)

That's week 10 all wrapped up. I hope you enjoyed other people's joy and misery as much as I did.

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