Morbid Thoughts: Flacco, Ryan, and the Always Compete mantra

Man, this is a great team to watch. Wilson, Lynch, Sherman, Thomas, Big Red, Avril... the list goes on and on.

I was thinking this Sunday, while watching some other games, how lucky we are to put all this talent on the field at one time. It really comes down to the skill our front office has at selecting undervalued player types, combined with the Always Compete mantra bringing out the best players.

However, looking forward too far can get a bit... worrisome.... We have tremendous depth in our linebackers and secondary, and our receiving corps is built around multiplicity of targets rather than one (overpriced) stud WR. Likewise, we have many talented tight ends rather than a star player. I'm comfortable with the idea that ANY SINGLE player from these groups is replaceable, whether due to injury, salary cap, or skill decline.

Hell, if you squint, you can see Christine Michael as the eventual alpha-dog running back; even the broadcast crew at Fox called him "Baby-Beast." Note that he isn't competing with Lynch this year, but when will Beast Mode's injuries and age catch up to him? It will happen, and Pete Carroll isn't leaving that eventuality up to chance .

So here is the worrisome part: Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. Two great quarterbacks whose salaries are preventing their teams from adding needed talent this year. Both the Ravens and the Falcons are struggling in many areas this year- the Falcons due to offensive injuies, the Ravens due to poor receiving. These teams simply do not feature the depth that the Seahawks do, on both sides of the ball, in large part because a star player eats up a significant chunk of the available cap space. Neither could afford to add a Percy Harvin-type gamechanger at a position of strength when he becomes available, and both teams suffer for it now.

What of Russell Wilson? Right now, he is a low-cost sophomore quarterback who figures to lead the 'Hawks well into our glorious future- but what happens when he asks to get paid? Let's be honest here- he is already a much better quarterback and leader than either Ryan or Flacco. While he might take a discount to keep the gang together, at some point we would be well served, logically, to look at drafting some competition for him.

I'd hate to lose #3. I'd hate even more to have to play against him. But at some point, our coaching philosophy may push us towards a younger, cheaper quarterback; even a downgrade at the most important skill position, to enable us to have a more complete team overall Better that than to end up like the Ravens this year.

What do you think? If you're Pete, do you keep him no matter what, or start looking for ways to Always Compete before it becomes an issue?

Thanks for reading my morbid thoughts, and as always, Go Hawks!

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