Tell the truth about your seahawks...

The truth seem to be very subjective lately.

I'll try to represent it.

2013 – the true face of your Seattle Seahawks

Week 1 – You’d think they wanted to start the season with a bang asserting their physical run first identity and protecting the ball. They started being outrun 134-70 yards on the ground by Carolina. They were trailing for most of the game; RW had his first fumble of many yet to come. Scoring 12 points a game just doesn't cut it in the NFL. In one word – DISAPPOINTING.

Week 2 – You would think that against SF at home they will put on their best show but sadly that was not to be. When RW completes just 8 passes in a game, sacked 4 times and intercepted for a total of barley 118 net yards it doesn’t look good. When you allow Kaepernick to rush for 87 yards it looks BAD. Add a blocked punt, less the 50% completion percentage and you get the picture.

Week 3 – After a very rocky start we get the worst team in the whole NFL visiting at Clink. Should have been a great opportunity to bounce back and put up some nice numbers on the stat sheets. When Hene passes for more yards than RW 232-202, the beast has yet to have a 100 yards game even after this game and RW adds another interception it can’t be a great day. Then you allow the worst team in the NFL to score a whopping 17 points in the 2nd half at home – WTF?

Week 4 – Traveling to play Houston is never fun. After the poor start of the season it filled us all with absolute dread. The picture on the field was even worse than our worst fears. RW was sacked 5 times, no touchdowns, interception, less than 100 yards net passing, 3/14 3rd down efficiency, out played 29-15 first downs in the game, fumbles by Lynch, RW and Lane. It’s time to put our dreams back in the drawer. We are a joke.

Week 5 – It hurts too much to even think about it. WE LOST. Let’s move on.

Week 6 – Back home bruised and battered. Whatever hopes we had for the season lay shattered. Fumbles by Maragos, Lynch, Rice and Coleman, RW with another 0 TD pass game, Lynch under 100 yards again and that pathetic excuse for a field goal attempt. A sickening feeling settles deep within.

Week 7 – A bunch of miserable fan travel to see the team in Arizona hoping against all hopes that their presence may help to change the momentum of this season. They are rewarded with RW completing 18 passes when Palmer completes 30. They get to see Rice’s last TD catch as a Seahawk and RW fumbling 3 times in one game. It’s funny to think that at this point in the season that actually brought cheers by the end of this game.

Week 8 – The STL fiasco. It’s only been 4 days ago. The worst beating a Seahawks team has taken in years. The Rams surpass the 6 sacks they got playing us at Seattle on the last game of the last season.

Week 9 – Everyone is trying to understand what if any can be done to upgrade the abysmal football that the Seahawks play week in and week out. Every blog is screaming for blood demanding heads should roll. Seahawks fans are seen wearing trench coats, hats and large sunglasses hiding in dark alleyways.

It is not easy to be a fan of your Seattle Seahawks. I feel your pain and frustration my friends. I really do.


My Seattle Seahawks are 7-1 in spite of everything they endured this season. My Seahawks held CAR to 7 points, held the 9ers to just 3, crushed the JAX with our backup QB, came back to defeat HOU, barely lost to IND while leading in yards, kept the Titans from scoring any offensive TD, destroyed the CARDS at ARZ after sacking Palmer 7 times and kept the RAMS from scoring a TD at STL. My Seahawks win every Sunday. My Seahawks will only get better. My Seahawks are on the road to the best record in their franchise history. I even believe that my Seahawks are going to win the SB.

Don’t you wish your Seahawks were as awesome as mine? To be the proud fans of my amazing Seahawks?

You can’t. They are mine and I am theirs. They deserve me and I deserve them.


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