Ode to the Hawks

Ode to the Hawks
By Dan Hanson

It began when I was a young boy approximately age 8
When I began following a team that I thought was just great.
But If I said they never broke my heart I'd probably be a liar
But they were my team!
The Tez, Brian Blades, Eugene Robinson, Rick Mirer!

Now times have changed.
Wins and losses rearranged
Some things never do.
Still just a guy who bleeds green and blue.

Now I'm living in enemy territory - 49er country, California
When these jokers start talking 'ish about my team
I tell 'em "Careful hombre, listen, I gotta warn ya"
Your arguments are weak
Your team just doesn't have the muscle.
Your D is ok, but Kaepernick? C'mon, he's no Russell

Cause 2014 is Seattle's year
And the Hawks? well, they've made that perfectly clear.

Beast Mode is ridiculous.
He's making this look easy
Too many holes in the defense.
D-lineman getting rag dolled by Okung, Max & Sweezy

But when they try and stop the run
Number 3 proves he's number one
Defensive coordinators feeling just Golden? No, much worse.
They tear out their hair and go Baldwin
Zach makes their defense look Kearse'd

But Hawk O is just half the OD
Pain delivery ASAP
Our rivals just dope fiends
Overdose guaranteed

Uh oh..this doesn't look good...
I think the QB is letting Sherman get under his skin
Earl's watching his eyes
Legion of Boom: Grenade with no pin

You silly goose! You forgot to block Bruuuce!!
4th and goal at the one?
This ought to be fun.
Cause Red Bryant's a giant This is Mebane's domain
But alas we have the 12th man and this was over before it began
The other team can't hear the play!
Signs of frustration, play clock still running, they are falling apart
Flag on the play. 5 yard penalty. False start.

NFC West crying "Uncle!"
Opponents begging for mercy
I wish I could tell them it's going to get easier
Say hello to my new fast friend Percy

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for being a Hawk
Cause this team can walk the walk and talk the talk
I can picture it, championship glory...feels like heaven
Plenty of work to do. But so far so good
10 and 1 through eleven.

This completes my ode, Jim Harbaugh is a chode
If served with a Marshawn Lynch stiff arm
It's called Super Bowl a la Mode

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