Thanks for all the fish


Hey FieldGulls.

You've been an extraordinary community. Aside from the obvious fact that Field Gulls produces some of the most thorough team-specific content of any blog, inside the SBNation umbrella or not, the members of the community have been singularly generous.

This last weekend, as a result of the wonderful fans here, I was able to travel to Seattle, secure a place to stay, spend some time exploring the city and watching my beloved Vikings get taken to town in Century Link Field.



It was impossible not to be a tourist, although I didn't afford myself too much time to even do that.

I stayed there with another member of the Daily Norseman from California (who goes by Relic13) who offered to split the cost of the room, which is in the Leschi neighborhood. The view of Lake Washington is gorgeous, as is the thoroughfare of cars crossing the Lacey V. Murrow Bridge (especially at dusk, when the cars are still visible, but the headlights flare on).


Being bold, young and foolishly confident in our health, we decided to walk downtown in order to make it to Pike Place Market. The distance (just under three miles) was never a problem, but Seattle (the parts I saw) has an affinity for hills that only Sisyphus can know intimately.

Despite our youthful vigor and confident demeanor, we decided to just stick with the buses from there on out. I do not regret the walk (just under three miles), but I'm also fairly sore because of all the hills.

Naturally, we went to Pike Place Market and grabbed fresh salmon to eat alongside Dungeness crab cakes. I have some Seattle gear (not Seahawks gear) with me, along with a fresh fish that I'll roast whole when I get home. I let the guys at the fish market talk me into buying a Dungeness crab as well (and by that, I mean that they literally just gave me a taste of some leg meat).

The mackerel was fantastic. This camera was not.


I went to a few coffee places—Tully's, Zeitgeist and Victrola—and enjoyed my fill. For the most part, they've been doing coffee right, but I was disappointed that Zeigeist had only one house blend and the barista did not know what I meant by a "city roast."

But the coffee was good, especially at Victrola.


I don't need to tell you much about the game. I enjoyed my pregame experience around the stadium, and of course the postgame shit talking with Matt, Danny, Jared, Ike, Kenneth and Luke while watching the Broncos assert the strength of their narrative by dominating the Chiefs.

It was the best weekend I've had all year. I can't thank you enough, although I can continue to contribute here and I've already started the ball rolling on an idea.

I've tentatively secured an interview with Dave Krieg.

The parameters of the interview are largely to ask about the greatest moments in Seahawks history.

What questions would you want me to ask him, under that framework? I'll do the best I can to make sure that his moments shine through and to capture the kinds of questions you would love to ask.

Let me know in the comments.

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