Rumblings of an old fool.

ohh well,

I need to do something to get my mind of the legion of bong so I'll try to write something about something else. You can still exit and move to something more interesting.

I just found an interesting fact so lets try and focus on it.

Q: What do the top 10 offenses according to have in common?

Don't go look at the list just think and answer.

Obviously not all are top 10 passing or rushing.

They can't all be division leaders.

Denver and NO are the top 2 so it can't be open or domed stadium.

Green Bay is still there so it can't be a stable healthy QB.

Ok…starting to think harder?

How about – they all have a winning record?

That sounds possible but…NO…one of those teams is 3-8.

I'll give you a hint – This has something to do with our next game.

Got it ?

OK…OK…here it is –

None of the top 10 offenses in the NFL (yards) played against the Seahawks this year.

This is a big discovery but what does it mean?

Does it mean that teams that face our mighty defense are suffering such a huge drop in yards that they can't make the top 10 anymore?

That would be a nice thought but we can't make that statement without collaborating facts. Since our D is ranked 2nd in the NFL lets check how this assumption works with the teams ranked 1st and 3rd.

The team ranked 1st on defense is….HOU. HOU met only one of the top 10 offenses. They beat SD in the season opener in San Diego limiting Rivers to 195 yards and keeping the Chargers to 150 yards bellow their season average.

The team ranked 3rd on defense is CAR. CAR also met just one of the top 10 offenses. They beat NE a week ago.

This is getting interesting.

The 10 teams with the best offense in the NFL had just 2 games combined against teams that are top 3 in defense. They lost both games.

It is tempting to come to a conclusion that the only reason those teams are at the top offensively is because they didn't meet a real strong defense. However, that could work both ways. Maybe it's the top 3 defenses being that good because they didn't face a top 10 offense more then once.

KC was a top 3 defense till they traveled to Denver. They are no longer a top 3 defense. It might be injuries or mental drop after their first loss or it could be something else.

So, we are left with 2 options and a game on MNF that will have the 2nd offense in the NFL facing the 2nd defense.

Without a clear cut conclusion it will end up as one of the following:

Great offenses are great because they haven't faced great defenses so far. When NO comes to visit and plays against us at the Clink they will face a top 3 defense for the first time this year. They will be shattered like the other 2 top 10 offenses that faced a top 3 defense.


Great defenses are great because they haven't faced great offenses so far. When we host NO we will face a great offense led by an elite QB for the first time this year. The mighty Seahawks defense will struggle facing such a team and will end up losing and dropping in its defensive ratings like KC did.

That doesn't really help me.

Not having 2 CBs when facing Drew Bress doesn't help me either but this was supposed to be something that does not involve the legion of bong, Brandon's brownies or Walter the nickel bag.

It's time to come up with another decisive factor to predict the MNF results.

Here goes –

NO will come to play us at the Clink. Playing away from their beloved dome in the open they are just an average 2-2 team. Add to it the 12th man effect, our healthy Oline and Harvin's hunger to put a show on national stage and even their 5th ranked defense doesn't stand a chance. Offenses win games but defenses win championships.

I'm still mad as hell those 2 potheads won't be out there but the dogs bark and caravan goes on, the next man up etc. etc. etc.


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