Black Friday? More Like Sit-at-Home Friday.

Hey again! I hope you are all recovering nicely from the sheer amount of food you likely consumed yesterday. I personally got up at 5 this morning to get in a few games of racquetball with the old men in my hometown (and getting my soul crushed by them, as usual). Since then, I've been at home laying on the bed and dreaming of football. See, normally I'm in school right now doing the college thing and trying to keep up with my Engineering courses, but Thanksgiving break has allowed me to have nothing to do for a day... INCONCEIVABLE!

I spent the first hour or so getting ready for the Alabama-Auburn Iron Bowl tomorrow. The game's in Auburn, so I don't have my student tickets to this one, so I have extra time for studying football stuff on the internet before hand. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can read about college football. Especially when Nick Saban is your coach and refuses to let me know ANYTHING. So, I'm moving my thoughts to the pros.

I am too excited about this game with the Saints. Living in Alabama, most NFL fans around here are Falcons or Saints fans. I would LOVE to sweep the two this year. The Falcons win was great, but I couldn't really rub it in, as their fanbase is already given up for the season. The Saints however, have some cocky fans. Monday night, hurry up!

In my free time, I've got to do a little more scouting college players. Jared Stanger heads up most of the college scouting and drafting here at FieldGulls, but its also my favorite aspect of football, and I just can't stand waiting between his posts. I've dropped a few fanposts here and there throughout this season about prospects, and here's one more! I've found two guys for you that I've found to be quite interesting.

1) Colt Lyerla- TE- Oregon

Well, used to be at Oregon. He got caught with Cocaine, and then quit the season to prepare for the NFL. Once a highly rated prospect, he's now projected 5th round- if even drafted at all. Maybe this year's Tyrann Matthieu. At 6-5 250, he has a sub-4.6 40 time, and I assumed he'd be a similar player to Jace Amaro. However, upon watching tape, Lyerla is a very impressive and polished run blocker. On the receiving end of things, he typically only ran routes that sent him across the middle, or quick outs, so I didn't get a good sample of his route running or stretching the field vertically, but I did see him catch a few low fastballs while getting leveled by a linebacker. He also juked a guy and trucked another before a third dug him down on a short out route. Upon further investigation, it turns out he was a running back in high school... So the guy knows how to run after the catch. He has red flags with him, but so did Christine Michael, and plenty of others Carrol has taken a chance on.

2) Kyle Fuller- CB- Virginia Tech

Earlier this season, I never even glanced at the cornerback class for this year. However, with all the recent... Happenings... I decided I should check some of them out. Jared Stanger has said a lot on Stanley Jean-Baptiste, so I won't talk about him. My first look was at Louchiez Purifoy from Florida. I like him a lot. He's a consistent tackler, fast, athletic, and has a mean streak. Reminds me of Jeremy Lane. Then I remembered a team that shut down Alabama's passing attack this season: Virginia Tech. One of their corners is Antone Exum. And he's about 6-1 220. Coming into the season, he was supposed to be Tech's best DB. He plays a safety, outside corner hybrid (I guess the same type of player that we want Deshean Shead to be). But nothing he did really caught my eye. Then I noticed Tech's other corner, Fuller. While a little smaller than what we'd normally want at 6'0" 194, he might now be my favorite corner in the draft. He doesn't stand out as overly athletic, but man he's got some energy. Fuller just looks like he's having all the fun in the world as he plays, and I really like that. He's got good instincts, and baits QBs then jumps routes with precision. His tackling form isn't great, and he goes for big hits rather than wrapping up, but he sure doesn't shy from contact, so would fit right in with the Legion. I was so intrigued that I went to listen to a couple of interviews, and he just goes on about being prepared, positive, and getting the fundamentals right, so he sounded like another Russell Wilson, which is never a bad thing.

And that's my two cents for the week. Hopefully once I get done with final exams and all that in two weeks, I'll have more time to be a more regular contributing member to Fieldgulls. Have a great weekend everyone, and Go Hawks!

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