Seahawks vs Saints: My Prediction and Who's Better.

If you love football, then you will love this upcoming Monday match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints. These are some NFC heavy weights with both top-tier offenses and defenses. Its strength vs strength. Essentially, its Rambo vs Robo-Cop, Maximus vs Aragorn, Beyonce vs Alicia Keys, Walter White vs Rick Grimes, Justin Bieber's PR Team vs Miley Cyrus' PR Team and......well, you get the idea.

I've read both the Field Gull and Canal St. Chronicles articles in regards to their fortune telling. Both parties seem pretty confident in their teams and rightfully so. They both have valid cases. The Saints feature an elite QB who finally has a pretty dang good defense to help him. The Seahawks feature a top-tier/clutch QB who just doesn't seem to ever lose at home while also getting help from the NFL's top defense. Overall, the teams are pretty even but here's my comparison of who's better at each position/group.


Easily, the Saints. The Seahawks still have a pretty average and overrated O-line even at full strength. They were in the bottom third last year.The Seahawks O-line benefit more from Lynch and Wilson than anything else.

Wide Receivers:

Seahawks. I like Marques Colston and Kenny Stills but they tend to benefit more from Brees than the other way around. The Seahawks have a solid receiving core even without Percy Harvin. He just makes them that much better.


Saints. Jimmy Graham, what else do you need to know? I think Zach Miller is greatly under-appreciated though.

Running Backs:

Seahawks. Beast Mode anybody? No, didn't think so.


Saints due to Drew Brees. But he's a different man when on the road and Russell Wilson is a different QB when at home. Could be close in this environment.


Seahawks. Richard Sherman is still pretty dominant. You gasp or taunt in surprise when he actually gives up a long pass. Not very many corners make you do that. Even without Thurmond and Browner, the Seahawks are pretty solid.


Seahawks. Earl Thomas is amazing and Kam Chancellor is ferocious.


Even. I like how the Saints LBs have played in coverage and in blitzing but when Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are focused, they are extremely good for the Seahawks.


Seahawks but barely. I think the Saints D-line is vastly underrated with all the love and attention that the Panthers, Rams, and Seahawks D-line get.

Special Teams:

Seahawks. Darren Sproles is good but the Seahawk trifecta of Percy Harvin, Golden Tate, and John Hauschka is one of the best I've seen ever for the Seahawks.


Saints. You've done well Pete but Sean Payton and Rob Ryan have done unbelievable jobs this year considering where the team was at last year.

My Prediction: 31-21 Saints. Why? Overall, the Seahawks have the better team but I think with the Seahawks losing depth at corner and Drew Brees and Sean Payton's ability to expose defenses will push Saints over the top even in the hostile home turf of Century Link. I also think that Rob Ryan's exotic blitz packages will make the Seahawks O-line look really bad. The Saint's defense is vastly improved and I believe that they will contain Russell Wilson and Lynch and deliver to the Seahawks their first home field loss of the year.

What's your predictions and Why? Let's hear it!

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