Damn i'm scared...


8-1 and I'm scared shitless.

Another game is over. Another W in this unbelievable record. 8-1.

It's a dream season. It was a dream season since the beginning of the preseason. Everybody felt it, this year will be special. Not only the fans got caught up in it, most of the experts felt it. It's now past mid season and the score is better than most hoped for. We are a bloody f**king unbelievable 8 and f**ing 1.

So why am I suddenly so scared?

It's not that now there is so much to lose. It's not the understanding that any slip can hurt it and we look damn close to slipping half of the time.

It is something totally different.

I fell in love with this team 2 years ago. I've been with the hawks for over 3 decades and this team under PC and JS felt special. I stated after the NE game last year that they will win this season. I even had a friend place a 100$ bet in Vegas on it. (My stupid way to putting my money were my mouth is)

I was captured (still am…) with this team and gave myself to it. (Go, play, I'm with you whatever happens).

With every W I let myself in deeper. They responded wonderfully and took me with them on a magical tour of wonders so far.

And I'm scared because I don't know them. I have placed so much fate and emotions into a team I don't know.

This team is utterly confusing. Nothing about this team is a constant you can rely on (except winning). No game is like the previous one. Hell, in many games the two halves were the absolute opposites. Here the defense rules the field and here some backup is marching up and down the field with ease. Here we can't get a first down and here we rush for 10 YPC. Every part of the team becomes suspect in parts of games and a pillar of strength and hope on others. (ok..ok…the secondary is mostly stunning and the Oline is usually the opposite)

Is it Lynch the Beast or Lynch the least today?

Even RW's game is changing constantly. It's like a revolving door.

It started with "Pass protection is a problem" so he should scramble and get the pass somehow no matter what - results, constant fumbles on 2 games.

Then its – "Pass protection is a problem" and you fumble when you try too much so be careful and protect the ball first at the first sign of danger - results, being sacked 7 times.

Then is – "Pass protection is a problem" and you either get sacked or forced to fumble when they get to you so try to make the plays but hurry up the passes before they get there - results, 2 interceptions on quick passes for short gain.

Or its - put 7 guys on pass protection duties and the 3 targets left are covered by 6 backs.

And since when did our firm believe in run first football turned into letting every team run first all over us to demonstrate the point.

And we keep winning and winning and winning.

Down 21 points theplayers look like the game is in the bag and we''re just about to do that other thingy and win it in a minute or two.

Who are you my Seahawks? What are you?

My Seahawks are like a Formula 1 racing car driven by a van driving suburban dad. It shows bursts of amazing speed but you don't know if it wins it by a mile or crashes on the next turn.

Game 10 is coming and I have no idea which team be thier to play it. What will they come up with next and will it fly us to moon or crash us to the ground.

I feel like the guy in the passenger seat of that racing car. My screams change constantly for shear exuberance to heart stopping panic.

What a season…

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