The honey jar and the plans ahead

My daily dose of meaningless seahawks rumblings is due.

Yesterday my wife (the lawyer) was sitting beside me going over some legal documents. She raised her eyes to the big Plasma screen in the living room that serves as our TV and my home entertainment computer screen. (Yes, I prefer the warm color palette of high quality Plasma displays over LCD…)

She saw me reading Seahawks stuff and mentioned "You are really enjoying it this year", I answered "You have no idea". She decided to bite and asked "How come this year?", I tried to explain how it feels to be the fan of a team that's predicted to win it all and performs as expected after over 3 decades of heartbreak. When I saw that she is not getting it I decided to use a quote from Top Gear to explain my pleasure – "Watching them play and win is like spending an evening whipping honey over Keira Nightley". She smiled and asked "OK, but what gives you pleasure reading and writing about it afterwards?". My answer was "It's like j**king off thinking about how much fun I had whipping Keira Nightley with honey". She laughed and returned to her legal briefs.

So, it's time to revisit the lovely Ms Knightley again…

We survived the mighty Rams and incredible Bucs. At 8-1 it's time to set our final goals and work out the plan to end this season.

The goal is obvious – Finish the season ranked first in the NFC and spend a lovely January in Seattle hosting the less fortunate on our way to the SB. In order to do it we need to finish above the teams that are close behind us (Da). Ok, lets open the standings again and mark our targets –

NFC east – Are you kidding me? Dallas leads with 4 loses. No way we end the season with 4 loses so – IGNORE.

NFC north – After the GB disaster they have 3 teams with 5-3 (Chicago, Denver and GB) with lots of games between themselves. No way any of them ends the season without one more lose which brings us to the above conclusion – IGNORE.

NFC south – NO at 6-2 and CAR at 5-3. CAR lost to us so our head to head W is like a 4th lose and I'll ignore them. NO are just one lose behind with games against the 49ers at home and us at Seattle. I'll need to pay attention to them.

NFC west – Home sweet home with the resurging 49ers looking better from week to week, getting key players back and just one lose behind us. They should be monitored closely.

Now, the plan.

Week 10 – WARNING WARNING WARNING. Yes, ATL is 2-6 but…this was the team with the best record in the NFC last year. We play them at their home field. They are really not as bad as their record indicates and the game is at 10am just like that other game that we shall not mention. Please mighty gods of football, give us a blowout this week because we can't keep pulling miracles out of the hat. Once the game is over with another W we can sit with interest and watch how much trouble CAR gives the 9ers with our fingers crossed. NO will be resting as they should to be at their best next week.

Week 11 – We will host our development branch the Vikings. This is a perfect opportunity to bring back the missing key pieces for a dress rehearsal before those 6 days in December. While we watch with pleasure how everything comes together we will keep our eyes at the bottom line on the screen. It's a big week with the 9ers visiting the well rested NO. If CAR failed to put a dent in the 9ers shiny 18 wheeler it'll be up to Mr. Brees to put a stop to their down heel momentum and add that 3rd L to their column.

Week 12 – Time to rest and heal as we are about to start those 6 day in December. Being 10-1 will help us relax while we watch both of our contenders travel far to face possible landmines on their quest. NO plays at ATL on TNF and SF plays at WAS on MNF.

Bench mark 1 - It's time to regroup and revaluate our plans as we enter those crucial 6 days. Best case situation - NO defeated the 9ers at home but managed to slip against ATL and are at 7-3 SF managed to lose to CAR or at WAS and lost to NO bringing them to a pedestrian 7-4. Worst case - the 9ers keep marching over everybody and are at 9-2 and eager for blood. I obviously chose to believe the best case and pay no attention to the later option.

Hernce the plan ahead is clear – win the MNF game against NO and we are almost home free.

Week 13 – MNF at home against NO. The whole nation is watching the 2 top teams in the NFC battling for 1st place. It's going to be a hard one. So much hanging on this game with NO fighting for their life and we come of a bye week adding to our slow start tendencies. This is the must win game against a mighty opponent. This is the one we WIN. The 9ers will watch after their usual slugfest against the Rams and see us march of the field 3 wins ahead of everybody in the NFC. 11-1.

Week 14 – The exact opposite of last year. We are coming to their home after a major W over a tough opponent leading the division by a few games. They got their beating last year and I'm not sure we'll win this one this year. Win and it's all over, losing the game and we are still 2 games ahead of them.

Bench mark 2 – The 6 days in December are behind us. If we managed to win both games – the season is over. Even if we lose all 3 games left we'll be first in the NFC. If we lost one we need to win at least one or at worst 2 games and with 2 home games against ARZ and the RAMS we should be fine. If we lost both it's back to the drawing board and every game counts.

I chose to believe that after the SF game it will all be close to over and stop the planning here. I have the next month planned and the rest will be formulated as we go along.

Now were did I put that honey jar? come here Kiera darling...

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