Anatomy of a Bud Light Commercial

Beer commercials are generally as stupid as any other commercial, only more so. This year, though, a shining light has shone upon the barren landscape of adland. It is a part of Budweiser's otherwise inane series of ads for Bud Light featuring the "whatever works" mantra, wherein Anheuser Busch tries to get us to drink barley-flavored water because hey, it could be as effective as never washing your jersey until your friends won't come over anymore and women avoid you and before you know it, your only option for companionship is that toothless crackwhore that hangs outside the Lowe's that used to be Mr. Bill's that used to be Farrell's and you're pretending it's Natalie Portman giving you that gumjob and oh, God you're so lonely!

But I digress. There is one commercial in this series that does not stoop to such lows. (Well, two. I might write about the other one some other time.) Said commercial looks like this:

Bud Light NFL - "Quinoa" (via officialbudlight)

Why is it so great? It's the same as why a comedy film is considered good: writing, acting, directing, cinematography and comic timing. It starts with a Philadelphia Eagles fan starting up his tailgating grill and contemplating something his obviously health-conscious girlfriend put in his cooler: Quinoa Burgers.



Now, the main conceit of this commercial is that the writers know it's pronounced "Keen-wa", but to this guy, it's some random bullhonkey that he's only just encountered, and he asks himself: "What the heck is 'kween-oh'?". This is after he reflects on the fact that he accidentally ate one the previous Sunday, and though it was disgusting, the Eagles won.

So far it's all pretty pedestrian, up to and including when Joe Eaglefan decides he's going to man up and eat this crud so his team can take the lead in the division.



He looks off thoughtfully, then tosses the thing on his grill. Some comedy comes from the look above as he thinks: "It's good luck!"

This has all been setup, though. The punchline, or rather two punchlines (a one-two punchline?) comes next. Some guy standing off to the side with his girlfriend points with his turkey leg at the mystifying object.

With perfect delivery, he says: "What is that, a loofa?"

With a challenging look at the camera, Joe Eaglefan holds his turner as a weapon of battle, the spaghetti western whistle plays, and you hear him think:

"It's a kween-oh."

He does not care what health nonsense his girlfriend has foisted upon him. Battle is nigh, and his guarantee of victory is kween-oh, and he dares you to mock him, because the Eagles are taking the damn division and you can't do anything about it.

I'm being honest when I say this may be the best commercial I've seen in over a decade. I've cited the usual suspects above, but really, it's because it's that animal that's so rare on television in any form: It respects its audience's intelligence enough to deliver the joke without trying to explain it. How many sitcoms have gone that route? Very few. What about commercials? Fewer still. Beer commercials? I can't think of one.

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