NFL unPower Rankings, Week 17: Updated draft order, playoff seedings predictions

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Pretty straightforward article on this holiday morning.

The unPower Rankings are nearing their conclusion. I've always said that they are sort of a combination of a draft order and a playoff picture, so both of those are still pretty clear and at the same time very up in the air. The following order is sort of also a predictor of how the games will finish in Week 17, and we'll have a complete (hopefully) draft order by Monday. It's Xmas Eve and we all got things to do. Okay, I "have" to watch the Godfather saga today, for example.

1. Texans (2-13) Last week: 2

Up next: at Tennessee

Predicted finish: 2-14

2. Redskins (3-12) Last week: 1

Up next: at NYG

Predicted finish: 3-13

3. Jaguars (4-11) Last week: 4

Up next: at Indianapolis

Predicted finish: 4-12

4. Browns (4-11) Last week: 8

Up next: at Pittsburgh

Predicted finish: 4-12

5. Raiders (4-11) Last week: 3

Up next: vs Denver

Predicted finish: 4-12

6. Falcons (4-11) Last week: 5

Up next: vs Carolina

Predicted finish: 4-12

7. Buccaneers (4-11) Last week: 11

Up next: at New Orleans

Predicted finish: 4-12

8. Vikings (4-10-1) Last week: 9

Up next: vs Detroit

Predicted finish: 5-10-1

9. Bills (6-9) Last week: 6

Up next: at New England

Predicted finish: 6-10

10. Lions (7-8) Last week: 17

Up next: at Minnesota

Predicted finish: 7-9

11. Jets (7-8) Last week: 13

Up next: vs Miami

Predicted finish: 7-9

12. Titans (6-9) Last week: 7

Up next: vs Houston

Predicted finish: 7-9

13. Giants (6-9) Last week: 10

Up next: vs Washington

Predicted finish: 7-9

14. Rams (7-8) Last week: 16

Up next: at Seattle

Predicted finish: 7-9

15. Packers (7-7-1) Last week: 15

Up next: at Chicago

Predicted finish: 7-8-1

16. Steelers (7-8) Last week: 12

Up next: vs Cleveland

Predicted finish: 8-8

17. Ravens (8-7) Last week: 20

Up next: at Cincinnati

Predicted finish: 8-8

18. Cowboys (8-7) Last week: 14

Up next: vs Philadelphia

Predicted finish: 8-8

19. Chargers (8-7) Last week: 19

Up next: vs KC

Predicted finish: 9-7

20. Cardinals (10-5) Last week: 27

Up next: vs SF

Predicted finish: 11-5

Arizona only cares about winning and the Saints losing (forget "tie" scenarios) so if those two things don't happen, this is where I believe they'd pick. This has nothing to do with their strength, it's not retaliation by me for them beating the Seahawks, I have projected them to beat the 49ers but not the Bucs to beat the Saints.

Hence, number 20.

21. Dolphins (8-7) Last week: 18

Up next: vs NYJ

Predicted finish: 9-7

22. Bears (8-7) Last week: 21

Up next: vs GB

Predicted finish: 9-7

23. Eagles (9-6) Last week: 23

Up next: at Dallas

Predicted finish: 10-6

24. Colts (10-5) Last week: 22

Up next: vs Jacksonville

Predicted finish: 11-5

25. Chiefs (11-4) Last week: 26

Up next: at SD

Predicted finish: 11-5

26. 49ers (11-4) Last week: 31

Up next: at Arizona

Predicted finish: 11-5

27. Saints (10-5) Last week: 29

Up next: vs Tampa Bay

Predicted finish: 11-5

28. Patriots (11-4) Last week: 24

Up next: vs Buffalo

Predicted finish: 12-4

29. Bengals (10-5) Last week: 25

Up next: vs Baltimore

Predicted finish: 11-5

28. Panthers (11-4) Last week: 28

Up next: at Atlanta

Predicted finish: 12-4

31. Broncos (12-3) Last week: 30

Up next: at Oakland

Predicted finish: 13-3

32. Seahawks (12-3) Last week: 32

Up next: vs St Louis

Predicted finish: 13-3

Playoff seedings


1. Seattle, 13-3

2. Carolina, 12-4

3. Philadelphia Eagles, 10-6

4. Chicago Bears 9-7

5. New Orleans Saints, 11-5

6. San Francisco 49ers, 11-5


1. Denver Broncos, 13-3

2. New England Patriots, 12-4

3. Cincinnati Bengals, 11-5

4. Indianapolis Colts, 11-5

5. Kansas City Chiefs, 11-5

6. Miami Dolphins, 9-7

Top 5 NFL Draft:

1. Texans

2. Rams (via WAS)

3. Jaguars

4. Browns

5. Raiders

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