Bear with me, I'm about to let off some steam on all of the disrespect to Russell Wilson I've had to put up with lately.

I'm a Washington native but I currently live in South Carolina, about an hour away from Charlotte, the home of the Panthers. Needless to say the Panthers and Cam Newton have everyone excited around these parts, but surprisingly enough (or maybe not so much) the Seahawks are a hot topic around here lately, lots of bandwagon fans. Most of the comments I've heard just relate to how exciting and entertaining it is to watch them play. Can't argue with that.

However, talk around the water cooler following the beat down we gave the Saints on Monday have me quite agitated. As good as Russell Wilson is, there are some that don't believe he has what it takes to win a superbowl, and that he still isn't the best in the 2012 QB draft class. These comments came from multiple people, who did in fact watch Monday's game, as well as several other games this year.

To me it's not even close on who the best quarterback is from the 2012 draft class, and even including the 2011 class. Andrew Luck is no where near as efficient as Russ and is now evident he relied on Reggie Wayne way too much, Kap and RGIII can't consistently stay in the pocket when they aren't a threat to run. Can Newtown has clearly progressed this year, but still has been up and down and not very clutch, but we'll see by the end of the year if he has really turned the corner. Nick Foles has been great lately, but has played in a lot less games. Last year it was a toss up, this year DangeRuss has separated himself to another level above the others. So not only did I smash the argument with all the records that Russell has set, but also that he's a top 5 QB in the entire NFL.

And can you guess what happened next? They all laughed at me, like I was crazy for even thinking it. All I said was look at the stats. He might not have the most yards or touchdowns, but that's because of the system he plays in, but he is so efficient and good, that averaging where he ranks through each meaningful QB stat, he is easily a top 5 NFL QB. Of course they kept laughing....

Until I sent them the link to jhmg16's "Top Five-iness" QB rankings post.

Needless to say they weren't laughing anymore. However, they still do not believe that a 5'10 5/8" quarterback drafted in the 3rd round can be that good. They argued back that he is just a product of the system, the great defense he has is what makes him so good. How doe sthat make any sense? Yes he is a product of the system, but isn't that what every team is supposed to do, develop a system that maximizes the strengths of your players and minimizes their weaknesses? Yes Russell does benefit from having a great defense, but does the defense complete his passes with a 64.9% completion rate? Do they have contribute to his YDs/A of 3rd in the league with 8.76? Or how about his passer rating of 108.5 which is also third? What does the defense have to do with him having the past passer rating in the entire league, yes even more than Peyton Manning, since Week 8 of last year?

I know I'm preaching to the choir here and we all know how ridiculously awesome DangeRuss is, but the only reason why people don't think he is good enough to win a Super Bowl are just repeating what the talking heads at ESPN and the NFL Network spew out every week. This is why I love being a Hawks fan and why our fan base is so passionate and our players play with that "chip" on their shoulder.

Of course I don't mind the disrespect we get, because with every win and every time they go out there they prove everyone wrong. It might not always be pretty, but they get the job done. The fact that people still doubt Russell Wilson after everything he's done so far is ludicrous. But they will all find out soon enough.

The only way to say it is in the words of Kam Chancellor, the Deathbacker. On the sidlelines during one of the games last year, he was caught on camera saying, "Our quarterback is something special". Our team knows it, we all know it, and screw anybody else that fails to recognize it.

My not so bold prediction (or very bold for everyone outside of the Seahawks fan base)....when it's all said and done, Russell Wilson will go down as one of the best, most efficient quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. But I'm not going to wait for him to retire to do anything about all this disrespect he's getting, I'm going to rub it in their faces on the evening of February 2nd, 2014.

Separation is in the preparation. Go Hawks.

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