Texans Fire Kubiak: What Does This Mean for Seahawk Coaches?

Seahawks are flying high right now at 11-1 and after an absolute thrashing of the Saints on Monday Night Football. Their value and marketability might be at an all-time high.

Included in this value is their coaches.

Pete Carroll and Co. have done an outstanding job with their player management and game planning. You can't give enough credit to them for making sure the players have an outstanding scheme going into games and also making sure the players play with motivation every game.

Due to their recent success and Kubiak's firing, I wonder if any of them will be tagged as a "high" candidate for the head coaching job in Houston. Keep in mind that Houston still has an outstanding defense and some very talented offensive players. Frankly, it simply looks like they're not really motivated anymore.

Personally, I think Darrell Bevell would be one of their top choices. The reason I say this is because I think Houston is going to select a Quarterback on draft day. If they don't get Teddy Bridgewater I think they'll make a huge gamble. Any guesses on that "gamble?"

Yep, Johnny Manziel.

I couldn't think of a better coach than Darrell Bevell for Mr. Johnny Football. Even though I think there is a ceiling to Bevell as an offensive play-caller, I think he has done a great job in handling Russell Wilson during his growth. He was stubborn in keeping things simple for Wilson and in the long run that patience has paid off. To a large degree, Bevell has benefited from having a high-football IQ QB with an outstanding work ethic but it would be ignorant to dismiss him having zero influence on Wilson's success. Bevell has made sure he set up the offense to play to Wilson's strengths as a scrambling QB while diminishing his weaknesses in areas, such as, not always seeing the passing lanes. With Manziel or Bridgewater or even Case Keenum, Bevell will make sure he designs the offense that works for his players rather than forcing them into something that does not.

If I were Bevell, the Texan job would be perfect. He would walk into an offense and defense that's still pretty stacked. The players are already very familiar with play-action schemes which Bevell likes. Also, Bevell would have Andre Johnson and Arian Foster and an upcoming star in DeAndre Hopkins. As for those O-line issues? Bevell knows what's that all about already.

To me it would be a win-win-win for everybody involved. Texans would get a head coach who can groom young quarterbacks in a solid offense, Bevell could get a team that could win right away next year, and the Seahawks could pursue an offensive-coordinator who will be more creative and give Russell a little bit more choices as a signal caller.

Outside of Bevell, I think Tom Cable has the best chance but I don't just see it. Dan Quinn is still a little too "green" and it might be a couple more years before he get his head coaching job.

Thoughts? Do you think Bevell would be a good choice for the Texans? If so, should he pursue it?

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