Post Loss Hangover

It's a kind of numb, yet mad at the world feeling. Like someone has come into my home and pissed on my plasma tv and shot my dog while giving me the finger. Now I know that there's still alot of football to be played, and the hawks are still doing great and 1-0 mentality and all of that positive Pete Caroll media speak BS that people eat up. As Beast Mode said last year after the Atlanta loss, "let me be mad" that's right, I don't want to look on the bright side, I don't want to put it behind me and wear a smile and Analyze the next matchup.

I'm quite frankly just pissed, grumpy, irritable, malcontent. I have a deep seeded hatred for everything 49er. It's not losing that bothers me, it's losing to them. When the Hawks got jobbed against Indy I was disappointed but not like this, when we lost to Atlanta last year, I went to a movie to quell my unhappiness, a fellow hawk fan asked me if I was pissed at them and I said "no, I'm proud of the season they had." I still will be no matter the outcome this year.

There is something extra potent about losing to them that just pisses me off. It did last year and every year I've been watching the Seahawks play where we have lost to them. Reading niner fans come here and smugly congratulate us on a great game while turning around and disputing our fans views of the game makes me twitch with rage, yes rage. Seeing Kapernicks face on anything let alone the top of our page just makes me physically ill.

Kapernick has no class whatsoever, he is a douche bag of the highest calibur, so is his coach and assistant coaches, many of their players, and especially a majority of their fans.

Also did anyone else see that Beats headphone commercial during the game? Kapernick in a bus coming to the Clink with the 12th man portrayed as a bunch of violent and rude assholes throwing stuff and swearing at him? Guess what headphones will never be allowed in my home?

Now before a bunch of bleeding hearts come here to tell me that it's ok and we should all go hug it out and I'm letting them get to me and I'm being immature and irrational and blah blah blah, don't bother, go start a kumbaya post instead. This is for folks who are generally unhappy about what went down yesterday and want to stew a bit. This not a post for rational analysis, just raw seething anger and venting.

Lets talk about the shitty calls, the unsportsmanlike conduct by the niners, harbaughs incessant bitching at the refs, Kapernick taunting our sideline, KJ wright getting hurt, all the things we need to get off our chest.

How do you generally feel about losing that game to our rivals yesterday?

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