Who would you want as a backup?

Let's all assume for a minute that Matt Flynn will be traded. Maybe he will, maybe he wont... but if he is, who do you want behind Russel Wilson on the depth chart?

Option #1 - The Grizzled Veteran (+30 years old)

There aren't too many old guys to pick from but if I were a betting man I would probably pick from this category... maybe... I don't know... probably not. Jeez... This is why I don't bet.

  • David Garrad - wouldn't be the worst thing in the world
  • Jason Campbell - bleh. Did you see the Chicago game he started?
  • Rex Grossman - ugh... Kyle Orton isn't available?
  • Bryon Leftwich - We might want the depth at O-line
  • Charlie Batch - Only if we play the Ravens every game
  • David Carr - I do have a soft spot for scared dogs from the humane society.
  • John Beck - Would declare himself a starter day one.
  • Luke McCown - who?
  • Matt Hasselbeck - Not an UFA but will probably be cut.
  • Jeff George - Everybody go deep is my favorite play

Option #2 - Bad News Bears (<30 years old)

These are the young men who entered the league with lofty expectations but just haven't had things work out the way they always dreamed they would. Maybe they were in the wrong situation. Maybe they are a delicate rose that needs time to blossom. Maybe they suck. There are a couple guys on this list that I would see as a strong possibility.

  • Trent Edwards - We've done okay with Buffalo cast-offs
  • Bruce Gradkoski - I remember seeing a couple games he started with the Raiders a few years ago. I'd be okay with him.
  • Matt Moore - He isn't the worst! He probably still wants an opportunity to compete for a starting position though.
  • Brady Quinn - If you put him behind a good offensive line and in front of Beast Mode and ask him to never throw... he'd be okay.
  • Drew Stanton - meh
  • Tyler Thigpen - could be athletic enough to do some of the roll-outs and stuff... but meh
  • Tavaris Jackson - yeah... TOTALLY
  • Matt Leinart - Only if he promises to last more than one play without injuring himself
  • Derek Anderson - no. never.
  • Tim Tebow - Not an UFA but probably will be moved. He is better than Derek Anderson.

Option #3 - The Unknown Backup

Who better to replace Flynn than Flynn himself?

  • Brian Hoyer - He gave Seattle a moment of hope during week 17... considering I had zero hope to start, that's pretty good.
  • Chase Daniel - Has he ever thrown a pass in regular season play?

Option #4 - The Rookie

This is the option that I want the least. It has worked okay in the last two years with the Redskins and the Texans... but I don't trust it. It would depend on who is picked, but I can't imagine the Seahawks will use a high draft pick on a backup QB... so anybody we pick will probably be a project and most likely the 3rd string QB... which would be fine by me.

So of all of these glorious names on this list, who do want to see in a Seahawks uniform?

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