NO TROLLING!!! Enjoy the Niner Schadenfreude

While they are divisional foes, let's remember that the folks over at Niner Nation are fans not too much unlike you or me, and they must really be having a rough go of it after losing a Super Bowl by such a small margin. Surely we can relate to their pain, at least to a small degree (coughSeahawksWereLegitimatelyScrewedOutOFASuperBowlVictorycough). Excuse me, I must be coming down with something.

If you must enjoy seeing our rivals(?) crumble into anger and depression, please do so from afar, and and not actively engage these poor souls, and, ohhhhhh let me think, remind them about that 42-13 asswhomping we gave them not so long ago, and that they wouldn't even had made the Super Bowl if they weren't so lucky as to avoid playing us in the playoffs. We don't need to remind them; in their hearts, they already know it to be true. Another truth that Niner fans don't need to be reminded of: How the Seahawks are going to dominate the NFC West next season. Again, goes without saying, or commenting on a Niners website.

Unfortunately I am not suited to provide an effective Enemy Reaction post (although one wouldn't be terribly appropriate, since the Seahawks weren't involved in this contest), but if you want to listen in on San Fran's post-Super Bowl torment, go ahead and click on this link, and be on the look out for these delicious comments:

I've already accepted that the refs screwed us

and the that NFL chose "their" guys to get it done

now i’m angry

by positiveuphanism

This game was fixed.

The refs were atrocious. Did Baltimore even have a single penalty called against them?

by Stoney Montana

I don believe they had something like 5 penalties for 33 yards (don't feel like looking it up), but, really, there weren't any flagrantly missed or improperly imposed penalties until the 4th & goal play, and BLAH BLAH BLAH you'll hear enough about ti from these guys.

I've said alllllllllll year...

..that the refs always go against the Niners with the exception of I think 2 games and here we lose the SUPER BOWL and this is no little game, this is THE GAME that matters the absolute most and we lost because of the refs period. I don’t care if we had to come back from a huge deficit or not. This is disgusting and the refs really need to come under fire for this and if they don’t then Goodell needs to.

by sanluisobispo49ers

Do Niner fans REALLY SERIOUSLY believe that the NFL is biased against them? Does Eddie DeBartolo getting into bed with a corrupt Louisiana governor almost 20 years ago really bother Roger Goodell, who wouldn't be commissioner until many years later? Really? The 49ers are one of the successful and well-known teams in the league, playing in a Top Ten media market (and already have agreed to get a billion-dollar stadium built for them) and have, as far as I know, a sterling reputation. And the NFL wants to bone over these guys for Baltimore? Really? REALLY?!

the Ravens are famous for getting away with murder

by nostocksjustbonds

Bravo, good sir. Bravo.

Nope, Goodell has it in for us

I’m not even normally like this. I normally handle this shit well. But I am fucking pissed right now.

by MadManWithABox

I know you aren't Mad, and neither am I...

I know that none of you realize this but I actually stopped watching the NFL after 2005 and didn’t start again until I joined up here at the end of 2009. Why did I stop watching, you might be asking? Because of the embarrassment that was the Super Bowl that season.

I know how most of you hate Seattle and have held me in contempt for defending them… fine. I don’t like Seattle, as a town or a culture. I don’t like their sports, their music, their politics, or anything else. That Super Bowl was a disgrace but it fit the desired narrative for the NFL: Pittsburg’s return to glory.

NFC West teams will always be despised by the NFL. Lest any of you forget what happened with Eddie D. The NFL hated him and the 49ers for a long time. They also aren’t terribly fond of Seattle… the internal politics between the owners in the NFL is dull, but telling.

That Super Bowl belonged to Seattle (a team filled with players that I had no affection for) but they were boring and the NFLwanted nothing to do with that. I don’t know how it went down but it soured me on the game because it made me suspicious.

Then, I got over it because… well, because it was Seattle and who cares about them? Ha ha, except now I’m not laughing.

The NFL got its story today and refs made it happen. Could our team have been less dumb? Yep. Should they have just run it four times at the end? Probably. That isn’t what cost them the win though. This game was lost on the backs of the refs. Maybe it was subtle pressure and maybe it was explicit corruption. I don’t have any idea. What I do know is that I don’t trust the NFL any more.

Cheat Seattle out of a Super Bowl, sully the integrity of the sport, and I’ll forgive you in a few years… cost the 49ers one and I’m out. I’m over it.

Fuck you NFL. Fuck you right to hell. Feel free to ban me Fooch, no need to warn. I’ve never made an idle threat in my life and I don’t just spout of BS in the heat of the moment. I love football but theNFL, it’s refs, and the entire format of the game is too opaque and arbitrary to be trustworthy. I’m out. Done. Good luck fella’s, I hope you have fun.

by Delmuir

I had to include this one because of the righteous backhanded compliments to Seattle by Delmuir, the coolest Niner fan in existence. And just a great comment all around....except the comparisons to this Super Bowl and XL. A ticky-tack holding non-call a screwjob it doesn't make.

The fix is in

they wanted to give the murderer his second ring so that he could have the same number as the people he killed.

by jobharve

This just in: The NFL is pro-murder.

Did you see the hold on that final punt?


by teekay

I'm just including this one to point out that the penalty for holding in the your own endzone is....wait for it....A SAFETY! Which was the exact same outcome of the play.

Holy shit Niners Nation. Grow some balls and get over this "class" shit and the "next year" crap.

We got screwed by the failed holding call that would have made it 1st and Goal from the one yard line. If it isn’t blatantly obvious, re watch the play.

by Kittles

I always felt the healthiest response to a tough loss was to get really bitter and indignant about it, until I gave myself an ulcer. As if yelling on the interest actually matters.

1 fucking call

Really refs? Honestly though, Kaep snaps the ball .5s early and he walks into the end zone. We’d be the Seahawks, if not for the fact we’ve won 5.

by mrg80

First of all, Fuck You. Second of all, nobody gives a shit about a bunch of titles you won in the 1980's and 1996. I really do hope those ancient victories give you comfort, because they stopped mattering a long, long time ago.

Man, we BEGGED for the refs to comeback. This is how they thank us. Maybe there was a reason the League didnt want to pay them.

by faazher

If I remember the Packers game correctly, those replacement refs sure were on point with calling defensive holding. Or am I thinking of the exact opposite of that?

Well not matter what happens

everybody please know that god made the conscious decision to give the victory to the Baltimore Ravens. AIDS is rampant in Africa, cancer is rampant in the world and yet god has enough time in all of his glory to spend a few hours on Sunday ensuring Ray Lewis’ victory can be complete. Praise god, everybody!!!!

by Kittles

Ah, the sourest of sour grapes. Le Mot sour Juste, if you will.

There's plenty more to mock, for sure, but it's all pretty much the same sentiment over and over again, And, really, this whole fanpost is totally unfair, and there are plenty of rational and good-natured Niner fans who don't deserve to be lumped in with the rest of the asylum. But you know what? It's February, there isn't any more real football for another 6 or 7 months, and there's not much else to talk about until free agency and the draft. So, if we're going to talk about anything, let's enjoy the suffering of others, AKA Schadenfreude. After all, it's not like anything from Germany has ever been evil, right?

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