32 team, 6 round mock draft. Includes team draft strategies and pick explanations for the first 4 rounds.


Q: Why did you only do 6 rounds and not the full 7?

Three Reasons.
1: My knowledge of prospects started tapering out. I've scouted a bunch of 7th and UDFA types I think the 'hawks might have an interest in, but I had to do a TON of research on other prospects just to get this through 6 rounds and feel comfortable with my picks.
2: Frankly, my knowledge of other teams and their front office tenancies isn't good enough either. I know the NFCW pretty well, and can guess who the 9ers Rams, and Cards are going to look at in the 7th. But I don't even know the NAME of the Titans GM off the top of my head [Ruston Webster. Thanks Wikipedia] much less what the guy looks for in his late round draft picks.
3: I'm freaking lazy and six rounds were a hell of a lot of work.

Q: You do realize that Free Agency and Trades are gonna fuck up your draft right?

Yup. I'm doing this for analytical rather than predictive purposes. IE, you can look at a team's draft picks and say "well damn, Atlanta could have waited on their new TE for a few rounds, and used that spot to address their need at RB instead".

Beyond trying to give each team an accurate draft strategy that represents the front office tendencies and team needs, I'm not trying to predict HOW the draft will shake out at all.

Q: But what about Player X?

Dunno. Ask me in the comments.

Q: Your draft strategy for Team Y or pick number Z really sucks.

F*ck off. At very least, put it in question form for my FAQ.

Q: Isn't this your first mock? How can a question be frequently asked?

That wasn't as funny as you thought it was.
THAT one I hear a lot. Mostly from my girlfriend.

Q: Why do you write less and less about each pick as the draft progresses?

Partially because my mock becomes less and less accurate as the draft progresses. Also, because 'missing' with a 1st round pick is significantly worse than missing in the 5th round. So I felt greater need to justify my top selections.

Q: How much of a pro 'hawks bias does this draft have?

Hopefully none. It's not very useful as an analytical tool if I'm biased in favor of one team! That doesn't mean I agree with all of the picks I made (I don't). Only that they're representative of the draft strategy I outlined for each team during their first pick.

Round 1

1 Chiefs
Draft Strategy:
It sure didn't take long for new GM John Dorsey to Matt Cassel himself did it? I suppose chiefs fans can console themselves with the fact that they're already front-runners in the race for Johnny Football in 2014.

If I were Dorsey, I'd try to follow Harbaugh's example and build/design an offense that works around Smith's weaknesses. Tons of talent in the trenches to amplify the effect of a strong running game, as well as to give Smith plenty of time to throw. KC will also need to find WR talent that operates best in the short game, as Smith doesn't have the arm strength to be a reliable deep passer.

It's almost certain that KC isn't following this strategy though, or they wouldn't have released Eric Winston. He's one of the leagues better OTs, and his presence on the roster would allow them to attempt to trade down and recoup a pick or two, while still selecting Chance Warmack/Jonathan Cooper. Even if KC didn't trade down, Winston's good enough to be an above average guard as well.

Pick: Luke Joeckel/OT
When your top priority is to create a dominant O line, you take the best freaking O lineman in the draft if you happen to have the opportunity. Honestly, it really doesn't matter what the Chiefs draft day strategy is. KC telegraphed their intentions the moment they released Winston.

2 Jaguars
Draft Strategy:
Gus Bradley's time as Seahawks defensive coordinator earned him a head job in Jacksonville. More than likely, he'll use a similar formula in attempt to turn around the fortunes of his new team.

In particular I suspect he'll adopt the unbalanced Leo/ 5 tech front 4, and build the back 7 around speed and length. Offensively, new GM David Caldwell is committed to giving Blaine Gabbert another season to prove himself. Honestly, it's not a terrible idea either. Gabbert's only 23 years old (younger than many rookies), and while it's unlikely he develops, it's not impossible either. In the mean time, Bradly will probably build the offense around MJD and the running game until he finds a franchise QB whom he really likes.

The Pick: Barkevious Mingo.
To my mind, the combine serves two purposes. It tells you if a player who played at one position in college has the raw athletic talent to transition to a different position in the pros. It also helps you to identify small-school or lesser heralded of prospects whom you need to see more tape on.

Mingo is neither of these, and so his terrible showing at the combine doesn't influence my ranking of him much, if at all. I still think he's the best LEO in the draft this year, and so the Jags pull the trigger.

3 Raiders
Draft Strategy:
With only 4 picks in the first 6 rounds, didn't really have much of a draft strategy for the raiders. They've said publicly that they'll draft Geno Smith if he's available at #3, which means that I only 'made' 3 of the picks myself. Loosely speaking, my strategy was to take BPA at a position of need.

The Pick: Geno Smith QB
The word's out that Oakland's taking Geno Smith if he makes it past Jacksonville. It makes sense that they'd want him. Carson Palmer's getting old, and his arm strength isn't nearly what it used to be. Their most talented WR on the other hand (DHB) is a speed demon who does his best work outside the numbers 30 yards down field.

4 Eagles
Draft Strategy:
The Eagles are already loaded along the offensive skill positions. They could certainly some upgrades along the line, but Chip Kelly's offense isn't really predicated around superior O line play.

With Philly switching to an Oregon style 3-4, the plan is to stock up on the defensive playmakers they need to run the new scheme, as well as upgrading the O line whenever a good value presents itself.

The Pick: Dion Jordan OLB/DE
Another useful thing I've learned from paying too much attention to trivial details is that Dion Jordan's the top player on the Eagles Big Board. He fits the draft strategy of stocking up on playmakers, and he played for Chip back in Oregon.

Jags excluded, I feel pretty good about the likely accuracy of my other 3 picks thus far.

5 Lions
Draft Strategy:
I don't know if it qualifies as a strategy per se, but what the lions typically do on draft day is focus on areas of team need, and draft the BPA at each of those spots. The lack of long-term vision is problematic. I'll have them doing the same thing in this draft, although personally, I'd rather they focus on fixing that offense and making it less reliant on Megatron. As things stand right now, they're only one injury away from terrible.

The pick: Demarcus Milliner.
There's a LOT of ways the Lions could go with this pick. OT, DE, CB and S are all pretty serious holes. I see DE and CB as the two most likely choices, and opted for the corner due to the depth of pass rushing talent this year. Milliner is (for now at least) considered the best CB in the draft, and should help slow the aerial bleeding the Lions suffer every week.

6 Browns
Draft Strategy:
Despite being a 5-11 team, there's a lot to like about the Browns. They've got a shut down corner in Hayden, were a top 10 rushing defense in terms of yards allowed per carry, and have a really good RB.

I can see a bunch of options for the Browns this year, but I'm going to have them build around Trent Richardson. The last time this team was good was the year Payton Hillis was brilliant. They'll want to upgrade the talent along the offensive line, till they're good enough to run on anybody. They'll also have to get better defensively, since you can't grind out 17-14 wins if you're giving up 28 a game.

The Pick: Desmond Trufant/CB
For the record, I'm not a UW fan, so this isn't a homer pick. I consider Trufant the best man CB in the draft this year, and expect he'll have a Stephon Gilmore like rise up the draft boards. Cleveland likes to play man on the perimeter, leaving Joe Hayden out on an island. With Trufant, they'll be able to do that on both sides of the field and focus the core of their defense on the action in the box.

7 Cardinals
Draft Strategy:
The Cards are a team without an identity. They looked so good at the beginning of last year, knocking off the Seahawks and Patriots, en route to a 4-0 start. Then they collapsed and finished 5-11. Arizona's defense is good on top end talent and completely devoid of depth. Their offense simply sucks. They need to find something they're good at offensively and commit to it heavily.

The most talented offensive player on their roster is obviously Larry Fitzgerald, so I'm going to have the Cards go all in on the passing game.

The Pick: Matt Barkley/QB
I likely wouldn't be willing to go all in on the passing game if Matt Barkley wasn't available here. He's the same guy who could have potentially beat out Luck and Griffin for the #1 overall pick had he declared last year. It's not his fault the Trojans defense sucked and their pass blocking was terrible.

Even if Barkley's not the QB I think he is, he's a virtual lock for the best passer that's suited up in Arizona for years. He's unquestionably able to lock onto Fitzgerald pre-snap every play, and throw him an accurate enough ball that Larry can go get it through triple coverage, and that's at Matt's absolute worst.

8 Bills
Draft Strategy:
Right up front, I'm going to admit I'm not that familiar with the Bills. The AFC East is just a really boring division, since it's the Patriots, and 3 teams who perpetually have top 10 draft picks.

I know Buffalo has a desire to move on from Ryan Fitzpatrick, but with Smith and Barkley gone, they'll have to take a pretty big reach to make that happen. Not that they won't do it, but I'm not going to mock it. I think I'm going to call 2013 a rebuilding year, and focus on simply adding talent to the roster.

The Pick:
Shariff Floyd/DT
If you're serious about winning the East, you've got to beat the Patriots. Brady's biggest weakness is that he makes poor throws when running for his life. Floyd's my #1 prospect this year, and his ability to collapse the pocket from the front has got to be very appealing to the Bills. The bills could also look to a guy like Ansah or Werner, but I'm willing to give Mark Andersson one more year just to see if new Head Coach Marone can get anything out of him.

9 Jets
Draft Strategy:
I did just mention I don't know much about the East. But I do know that Mark Sanchez's contract is so terrible that the jets are pretty much stuck with him for one more season. To me, this really dictates what the Jets can and cannot do this year. In particular, they can't fix a Sanchez run offense, and it seems foolish to waste their limited draft picks on an attempt to do so. Instead, I'll have them focusing on repairing a defense that's starved for talent.

The Pick: Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah/LB/DE
Have I mentioned yet that if you play in the AFC East you need to get after Brady? The jets have pretty much ZERO pass rush outside of DE Quinton Coples. Ansah can play as a 3-4 DE or as a rush LB. The jets have to like the versatility, since it allows them to draft whomever their top rated pass-rusher is regardless of position the next time they want to add one.

10 Titans
Draft Strategy:
The titans lost 6 of their 10 games by 3 scores or more. The team's in a New York Jets sized mess, only without as much Salary Cap hell.

I think they're probably going to try and band-aid the defense, while looking to upgrade CJ1,000's blocking. It feels like a really terrible strategy to me, but I don't know what else to do. Perhaps if a titans fan is reading this, you can give me some suggestions?

The Pick: Xavier Rhodes/CB
Tennessee gave up a completion on an absurd 66.3% of passes attempted finishing second worst in the NFL (Houston led the league with only 53%). This pick may be a bit of a reach, but it's an absolutely warranted one. You can't beat ANYBODY when you're allowing them to complete 2 out of 3 throws.

11 Chargers
Draft Strategy:
San Deigo has one of the worst offensive lines in football, and it's doing a really good job of turning Phillip Rivers into David Carr. They really need to reverse that process. They also need a replacement for Antonio Gates, some talent at WR, a better pass rush, and help in the secondary. I won't hesitate to grab a falling prospect if he fills one of those needs

The Pick: Eric Fischer/OT
A few people have Fischer ranked above Luke Joeckel. I haven't done any scouting in this department ('cause I don't care) but it's worth mentioning. Given how terrible the chargers offensive line is, I don't see how they can take anyone else if Fischer falls this far.

12 Dolphins
Draft Strategy:
The Dolphins failed to recruit Matt Flynn last year, and were forced into drafting Ryan Tannehill instead. Just to add insult to injury, Flynn wound up on the bench behind ANOTHER QB that GM Jeff Ireland said 'no thanks' to in the form of Russel Wilson.

I don't know how long of a leash Ireland has, but I assume if the Tannehill gambit doesn't work he'll wind up on a very hot seat, if not get fired outright. I mention this because it dictates what Miami's draft strategy is. Miami's going to draft as many offensive weapons as possible.

The Pick: Cordarelle Patterson/WR
Patterson's an incredibly talented bad-ball receiver with the ability to grab anything, and break plays for a monster gain. He's exactly what Miami is looking for, and a great opening act for the Tannehill Air Show.

13 Buccaneers
Draft Srategy:
Tampa is one of the most frustratingly hot and cold teams in the NFL. It's not just on the offensive side of the ball either. They played the Falcons tough last year, but got blown out at home by the rams. To me, it's an issue of leadership. Extremely inconsistent teams usually have poor leadership that isn't pushing everyone to play consistently well.

If I were making the decisions, I'd be putting an unusually heavy emphasis on the interviews, trying to identify the guys who can lead this team. But as a member of the general public, I'm not even privvy to them, so that's obviously out. Regardless, this team already had everything they need to be good, so I'll look for picks that accentuate the things they do well, in order to make the team more consistent.

The Pick: Bjeorn Werner/DE
For a traditional 4-3 style front, Werner is arguably the best DE to come out this year. He's strong against the run, quick to the passer, and explosive off the line. With 6 games a year against Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton, consistent pass rush is a must.

14 Panthers
Draft Strategy:
There's a real middle ground that we've started to hit with the Panthers and the Buccs. Teams that aren't so bad they can just say fuck it and rebuild however the hell they like. But they're also not so good they can fill 1 or 2 key needs then pursue depth and talent wherever they find it.

Carolina's going to spend several picks drafting for need. Obviously they'll go BPA within the framework of team need, but need will be the primary motivator.

The Pick: Sheldon Richardson/DT
Good news for Carolina. The team's biggest need is DT, and there's TWO guys with potential top 5 status sitting on the draft board. Star's the more talented player, and represents the better long term investment. But the Panthers aren't willing to gamble on Star's heart condition when Richardson's still on the board.

15 Saints
Draft Strategy:
Is there really any question what the Saints are going to do in the draft this year? They had one of the NFL's worst defenses in 2012, and desperately need to change that. They also need to draft the appropriate guys to help them switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4.

The Pick: Star Lotulelei/DT
The closest thing the Saints have to an NT is Akiem Hicks. The 49ers showed last year that you can play a 3-4 without a great NT, but the linebackers in New Orleans are a shade less talented than the ones in San Fransisco. If he's ok to play, Star's fantastic value at 15 and should be a big help as the front 7 tries to handle the transition.

16 Rams
Draft Strategy:
If there's one thing that the Rams have to have learned from their more successful NFC West rivals, it's that there's no substitute for dominating in the trenches. The offensive lines of Seattle and San Fransisco combine for five 1st round selections, a pair of day 2 draft picks, two 5ths, and one UDFA. St. Louis meanwhile has a 2nd rounder, a 6th a 7th, and two UDFAs.

I'm not saying that guys can't rise above or fall below the position they were drafted in, but hot damn that's a HUGE talent differential.

If I'm St. Louis, I'm looking to follow that blueprint. Stock up on both sides of the trenches to impose my own will the way SF and SEA do, as well as to have a D line that can handle that sort of talent. Bradford doesn't really need elite WR talent to be an effective QB. He just needs time in the pocket and an effective running game, so I'm not buying WRs as anything more than role players. And that Rams D is already top-half in terms of points per game. It's just unfortunate that Seattle and SF are 1 and 2 respectively.

The Pick: DJ Fluker OT
You knew I wasn't going to write a mini-essay about the value of offensive line, then have the Rams draft a Safety or WR with this pick, right? Fluker's a monster of an RT, a mauling beast in run support who simply bulldozes players. He's not fantastic as a pass protector, but he's still way above average for an RT.

17 Steelers
Draft Strategy:
Remember when Pittsburg was known for having a great running game and a fantastic defense? Well these days they can't block well enough to run the football, and while the back 7 are still good (although in decline given the age of the group) the front 3 can't get any pressure on the QB at all.

Pittsburg's at a crossroads right now. They've got the WR talent to reinvent themselves as a passing team. But since they spent two first round picks on O linemen in last year's draft, I don't think that's what they have in mind. I think they're looking to get back to their roots as a smash-mouth running team, and frankly, I would be too if I had Big Ben at quarterback. Defensively, the Steelers need to upgrade the pass rush, then find playmakers in the back 7, regardless of position.

The Pick: Lane Johnson OT
LT Max Starks is 31, and doesn't have too many good years left. For now though, Johnson takes over the RT spot from rookie Mike Adams. Adams meanwhile takes the RG job from Ramon Foster, who warms a bench.

18 Cowboys
Draft Strategy: This is a team that looks better on paper than it really is. Austin, Bryant, Whitten, Murray, Romo. The O line is absolutely terrible, and it's killing the offensive production. Similarly the defense seems like it ought to be good with Ware, Claiborne, Spencer etc. However they were a joke last season, allowing only a field goal per game less than the Saints (25ppg).

My goal for this draft is to constantly find players who fit Monte Kiffin's new 4-3 cover 2 scheme, while also never passing up the opportunity to draft a good offensive lineman.

The Pick: Kenny Vaccaro/S
There's a common misconception floating around the football world that CBs are more important than safeties. It's partially true, in that a team only needs 1 good FS, but it needs 2-3 good CBs. But overall, a talented free safety is the most important part of a defensive secondary. The cowboys have to be thrilled that the draft's best FS (and a top 10 prospect) fell all the way to them at 18.

19 Giants
Draft Strategy:
Its incredibly easy to tell what the Giants draft strategy is, because GM Jerry Reese uses the same one every year. Draft the best player available, almost completely regardless of team need. And don't EVER pass up the opportunity for a talented pass rusher, unless it's to select some other talented pass rusher.

The Pick: Datone Jones/DE
Far be it from me to violate the prime directive! My only real question is do the giants take Jones, or Tank Carradine? Carradine's got more upside, and Reese is definitely a gambler. But Jones isn't just a really talented DE, he's got the size and length to move inside and play a role similar to what Jason Jones did for us last year on 3rd downs.

This was the selling point for me, since it really kicks the pass rush up another notch to have a guy who's both an attacking DE with a lot of quickness, and a disruptive 3 tech that can collapse the pocket.

20. Bears
Draft Strategy:
As begin to reach the top 3rd of NFL teams, draft strategy becomes much more nebulous. It's not about building a team anymore. With top teams it's about plugging the 1 or two roster holes caused each year by age and free agency, and stockpiling as many talented talented guys who fit your scheme as you can find.

Of course that's not the case with Chicago. They've got a giant rebuilding project on offensive line, need some playmakers other than Marshall and Forte, and they've got to deal with attrition on that defense sooner rather than later.

The Pick: Chance Warmack/G
To pre-empt everyone telling me there's no chance in hell that Warmack falls this far... you're wrong. He's not the talent that last year's top guard (DeCastro) was, and David fell from a potential top 8 pick all the way to 24.

Cutler was last year's most sacked QB. A lot of that is because Cutler likes to hold the ball rather than throw it. But a lot of the sacks are on the O line too. Most people consider Warmack the best guard in this class, and he's a great way to kick off that O-Line rebuilding project.

21 Bengals
Draft Strategy:
Cincinnati is exactly the sort of team I was thinking about when I wrote that blurb on top teams in the bears. Fun fact: Cincy is 17-4 against non-playoff teams and 1-11 against playoff teams in the Andy Dalton era. They're already doing the right things, they just need to do them BETTER.

Defensively they have holes at Safety and LB that must be filled, and offensively they need to get better at either running or passing the ball. They've got the QB and OL to succeed at either one.

The Pick: Jonathan Cyprian/S
The Bengals suffered from terrible safety play last year. When you're forced to chose between Reggie Nelson and Taylor Mays, you know you've got a problem. Cyprian can play either FS or SS (I like him better at FS) and should help patch up that hole in the secondary.

22 Rams
Jonathan Cooper/G
Continuing what they started with the DJ Fluker pick. Cooper's the other guy in consideration for top-guard status, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he gets taken ahead of Chance Warmack. With Scott Wells at center and both rookies to his right, you can expect to see a heavy dose of Steven Jackson up the right hand side all season long.

23 Vikings
Draft Strategy: The vikings are a team built around Adrian Peterson and a slightly above average defense. To get better, they're either going to have to make Peterson even better (yeah right), improve on defense, or figure out a way to punish teams for putting 9 guys in the box.

The Pick: Tavon Austin/WR
For the record, I'm not assuming that Percy Harvin gets traded this off-season. Sure the Vikes would like to. But from what I'm hearing, Minnesota's asking waaaaay to much for him. Something like a 2nd this year and a conditional 2014 that could go as high as 1st. For an injury prone WR with a bad attitude on a short term rental? yeah right!

So the Vikes are gonna pair up Percy and Austin. It's actually a great idea since both guys 'can' burn a defense deep, but do their best work underneath, where Ponder's accuracy issues aren't as severe. And really, it would suck to be the defensive coordinator seeing 21 personnel with AP, Felton, Rudolph, Austin and Harvin all on the field at once.

24 Colts
Draft Strategy:
Like a few years ago when the Seahawks managed to Beast-Quake the saints out of the playoffs, the colts record is a mirage held up by chance, over achievement, and a weak schedule. They've got an awful lot of holes on that roster that need filling.

The O-line is terrible, and needs to be rebuilt to at least the 'adequate' level. There's no pass rush from either DEs or LBs, the secondary needs improvement, and the colts need depth basically everywhere.

I'm going to focus on getting the offense up to speed first, since that'll reduce the amount of hits that Andrew Luck takes.

The Pick: Jarvis Jones/OLB.
So right after saying offense first, I have the Colts draft an LB. The thing about the offense the colts are trying to build, is that it doesn't require a lot of high draft picks other than at the QB position. It's generally possible to find adequate pass protectors in the middle rounds, and it's not like any of the NFL's best QBs are working with elite talent at the WR position.

So the Colts take Jones, hoping that he can kick start their pass-rush and help them mask some deficiencies in the secondary.

25 Seahawks
Draft Strategy:
The Seahawks are a pretty complete team, and as of right now we only have two legitimate positions of need. We need a penetrating 3 tech and a Leo. Fortunately, the draft is fairly deep at both positions.

We have several other wants, but I won't be specifically targeting them later in the draft, because Schneider doesn't draft for need unless forced to. He favors drafting talent, and letting Pete find a way to make it work. So that's what I'm doing. Find guys who do stuff real well, and figure out if that's stuff we want done.

The Pick: Kawann Short/DT
Even as I type it up, I want to change this pick. It's nothing against Short, he's a fantastic talent and a great pocket collapsing 3 tech (it's why I made it in the first place). But he's just not "unique" in the way that PC and JS look for guys. He's just a guy, although a better one than most.

Other picks: Larry Warford, OG. Keenan Allen. WR.

26 Packers
Draft Strategy:
The packers need a center. They have tons of wants, but Center's pretty much the only need. Other than that, they'll take whomever the top player on their big board is, to keep the team loaded with depth and talent.

The Pick: Keenan Allen/WR
Sometimes life just isn't fair. Like when Aaron Rodgers gets a chance to throw to Keenan Allen on a regular basis. Sure this isn't a need, nor even close to the top of the wants checklist. But when you've got roster this stacked, you can afford luxury picks.

27 Texans
Draft Strategy:
Houston finished the year scoring an average of 26 ppg while only allowing 20. Like the packers, they've got a really stacked roster. Honestly, they don't have ANY glaring needs that I can see. They have tons of things they want, but nothing they can't go into next season without.

The Pick: DeAndre Hopkins/WR
Andre Johnson is a beast, but he's on the decline, and Houston doesn't have much else in the passing game. At very least, Hopkins is talented enough to make teams suffer if they load up on Johnson and Foster. At best, he'll take over for Andre as the #1 option in the passing game.

28 Broncos
Draft Strategy:
Last year Denver finished 2nd in the NFL in scoring, and 4th in scoring defense. They're a pretty damned good team. Unless there's a QB in the draft that Elway really likes as a QBOTF (Manning is 36 after all) Denver will hit their couple positions of need (DT, CB, RB, S) and then stockpile talent wherever they can find it.

The pick: Jonathan Hankins/NT

Both the Broncos starting DTs are free agents, but neither of them is any good. You may Remember Vickerson from his brief stint as a Seahawk (we got him in the LenDale White trade), and Bannan is even worse. Even if both guys come back, the Broncos should probably try to upgrade the center of their line.

29 Patriots
Draft Strategy:
New England doesn't have very many picks this year, so I've got them drafting for need in this mock. It's way different from how the typically handle their business, but they typically have tons of picks so...

The Pick: Matt Elam/S
Anyone who played fantasy football last year already knows what a disaster the Patriots secondary was. FS Devin McCourty isn't terrible, although strong safeties Steve Gregory and Tavon Wilson sure are. Elam's an instant upgrade, with enough physicality to be an impact player in the running game, and enough range and ball-skills to be an asset in coverage.

30 Falcons
Draft Strategy:
Atlanta spent a whole bunch of draft picks acquire Julio Jones. While Jones has been really good, the lack of picks led to a bunch of holes Atlanta has been unable to fill. This year, they'll be drafting for need in an attempt to get the roster back into shape.

The Pick: Zach Ertz/TE
I'm not overly fond of Ertz, but he's sure a fantastic fit on the Falcons. Guy's a younger version of Tony Gonzalez. Doesn't block very well, but he's a dynamic receiver and a matchup nightmare. Can play in line or flanked out wide, and has freakish athleticism.

31 49ers
Draft Strategy:
The 49ers have approximately 14 billion picks right now. That's enough to draft everyone on the planet twice. Speculation is they'll package a bunch of them together as trade bait simply because 15 rookies is an awful large percentage of your 53 man roster.

I'm not convinced they do though. The 49ers are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. They'll be hard up against the cap pretty soon and battling a much higher rate of retirement and attrition than most teams. What better way to take care of that problem than by preemptively adding a bunch of young guys on cost-controlled rookie contracts?

As for draft strategy, I'm mostly going by BPA who fits their scheme. But I'm also giving priority to positions of need, and ones where the incumbent starter is near retirement age.

The Pick: Johnathan Banks/CB
Chris Culliver is only 24, but he's also not very good. In the mean time, Carlos Rodgers is 32, and players at the speed positions (CB, RB, etc) tend to fall off the cliff a whole lot more rapidly than guys at a position like OL. This is one of the few areas where the SF roster is genuinely deficient.

32 Ravens
Draft Strategy:
I think it's fair to say the position the Ravens are in right now is fairly similar to the one the 49ers are hoping to avoid. The ravens just lost Matt Birk and Ray Lewis to retirement, and they're probably going to lose Ed Reed as well. Meanwhile Flacco's big payday has them by the balls up against the salary cap, to the point where it's speculated they'll have to cut Boldin, even despite his fantastic job during the playoff run.

Baltimore's gonna have to kill it in the draft this year just to break even, and its likely they will field a worse team in 2013 than they had in 2012. As for strategy, I'm going to go by need, attempting to keep pace with attrition and get a few rookie contracts to help keep them under the cap.

The Pick: Alec Ogletree/ILB
Baltimore lands this year's top ILB prospect with the final pick in the first round. Yeah, it's a bit lazy on my part, but Ogletree's a sliding prospect, and the Ravens need someone to replace Ray Lewis.

Round 2

33 Jaguars- Damontre Moore DE. Like I said during the blurb on draft strategy, I think Jacksonville's serious about giving Gabbert 1 more season to prove himself. Moore was considered an elite prospect before stinking it up at the combine, and Bradley's happy to pick up the DE to play on the other side of his line.

34 49ers Tank Carradine DE. Justin Smith is 34, and entering his walk-year. Might as well draft a talented replacement while you can.

35 Eagles Johnathan Jenkins DT. None of the Eagles DTs really strike me as guys who would be effective as the Nose in a 3-4 scheme. Jenkins IS that sort of guy.

36 Lions- Alex Okafor/DE. Okafor is another pass rusher who fell out of the first round for reasons other than talent. He fits Detroit's BPA approach, and since both their starting DEs are free agents, they have a bit of a need at the position.

37 Bengals- Manti Te'o ILB. The Bengals will overlook plenty of red flags if a prospects girlfriend is hot enough.

38 Cardinals- Robert Woods/WR. Woods gets the nod here because he and Barkley have had several years together at USC to develop chemistry. With Fitz, Woods, and Floyd, Arizona suddenly has a stable of WRs that is both incredibly talented, and surprisingly deep. With their rookie QB at the helm, Arizona may finally be able to recapture some of that Kurt Warner era Moxie

God I hope not!

39 Jets- Kevin Minter/LB. Minter's an instant starter as an interior LB, and should help solidify them both against the run, and with his coverage skills he should help them defend the pass as well.

40 Titans- Larry Warford/G. When the best player on your team is an RB, having a line that can run-block pays the bills.

41 Bills- Mike Glennon/QB. Speaking of the Bills [see what I did there?] Buddy Nix said they'll be targeting a QB early. Glennon has all the arm talent, he just doesn't have a brain. Almost the exact opposite of noodle-armed Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick.

42 Dolphins- Terrance Williams/WR. Williams is a bit raw, but he's at his best as a complimentary threat and a downfield burner. Tannehill's got enough of a cannon to get Williams the ball downfield, and Miami's more than happy to get Heartline/Bess into the role of 3rd guy and possession chain mover.

43 Buccaneers- Tyler Eifert/TE. Dallas Clark is both old, and a free agent. Eifert's a skilled receiving option, and hopefully his ability to work the middle of the field should help the good Josh Freeman to make more regular Sunday appearances.

44 Panthers- Eric Reid/S. No relation to Ed Reed, just in case you were wondering. But he should start at FS right away.

45 Chargers- Kyle Long/OL. I've already upgraded the starting LT, but both starting guards are UFAs, and the RT isn't very good. Long can play all 3 positions, which gives the San Deigo a much needed bit of flexibility.

46 Rams- Arthur Brown/LB. When you get 4 games a season against Kaepernick and Wilson, it's important to have an LB or two with enough speed to get outside and chase the QB to the sideline on the read option. Brown's a good enough LB to be worth this pick even if he only had average speed. The fact that he fits so perfectly with the unique team need is just a bonus.

47 Cowboys- Dallas Thomas/G. Like I said in the team strategy, don't pass up an opportunity to make the O line better.

48 Steelers- Margus Hunt/DE. Quality pass rushing 5 techs for the 3-4 are pretty hard to find. Pittsburg's extremely fortunate to land one in the second round.

49 Giants- Khaseem Greene/LB. Remember everything I said about St. Louis needing speedy LBs to contain outside the pocket improvisers at QB? Well the Giants get 6 games a year against Vick, Romo and Griffin.

50 Bears- Jon Bostic/LB. Urlacher turns 35 this offseason. Nick Roach played very poorly last season, and the Bears aren't going to make a serious effort to retain him.

51 Redskins
Draft Strategy:
Washington's secondary is terrible, their line is lousy, and they have almost zero depth. My first priority would be to upgrade the pass blocking to try and limit the amount of contact RG3 takes. The turf at Fed Ex Field could use some improvement too.

Shanahan's a lot more willing than I am to take risks with Griffin's health. I don't think he considers pass blocking to be a priority. So I'll have the Redskins trying to fix some of their deficiencies in pass coverage and maybe get them a bit of depth and talent at the WR position as well.

The Pick: David Amerson/CB.
71% of the earth is covered by water. 29% is covered by land. 0% is covered by the redskins secondary. Amerson can help.

52 Vikings- E.J. Manuel/QB. Don't the Vikings already have an early round FSU quarterback? Christian Ponder's on the roster... but it's debatable if he's a QB. In the unlikely event that Manuel can't immediately beat him out for the starting job, he's still a HUGE upgrade over Joe Webb, who's inability to backup Ponder cost the vikings dearly in the playoffs.

53 Bengals-Eddie Lacy /RB. Why yes, I DO have RBs on my big-board. Cincy's been a pretty good run blocking team for years now. Time to stop wasting that on 'talent' like Cederic Benson and the Law Firm.

54 Dolphins- Jordan Poyer/CB. The 'fins need to rebuild the secondary. You can make a case for Poyer being the BPA here anyways.

55 Packers - Barrett Jones/C. Jeff Saturday was terrible on Sundays last year. Now he's working for ESPN. Center is one of the Packers very few team needs.

56 Seahawks- Corey Lemonier/DE
In the unlikely event that you've been following my fanposts and comments, this pick will probably surprise you since I haven't talked Lemonier up very much. But when the draft gives you Lemoniers... make a sack lunch.

Undersized lineman who works best out in space? Check/ Quick twitch athlete with incredible reaction times? Check. Great feet with explosive burst and strength? Check. Long arms? Ehhh, not really, but 34.5 is nothing to sneeze at. Stout enough against the run to play on 1st down? Check.

This pick is no knock on Bruce Irvin, but motivated rather by Clemons age, injury, and likely status as a cap casualty in the near future. Honestly, I wouldn't be all that surprised if the Hawks drafted Lemonier in the first round.

57 Texans- Terron Armstead/OT. Linebacker is a bigger priority for Houston, but there's plenty of backers still on the table, while the starting tackle depth isn't nearly as good. Houston's ZBS scheme requires a lot of athleticism out of their O linemen, and Armstead's a natural mover who will fit it like a glove.

58 Broncos-Phillip Thomas/S. The broncos could easily replace both their safeties this off-season. This move kicks Mike Adams to the bench

59 Patriots- Justin Hunter/WR. Consider this a sign that I believe Wes Welker's coming back. If he bolts, the Pats will favor Quinton Patton's possession and chain moving skill set over Hunter's superior playmaking ability.

60 Falcons- Bennie Logan/DT. Atlanta needs a DT, and Logan could easily have gone in the first round. Lucky for the Falcons, he fell to the back end of the second.

61 49ers- Markus Wheaton/WR. SF needs a WR other than Crabtree. Wheaton, Patton, and Da'Rick Rodgers are the three highest rated guys, but Wheaton's skill set fits much better within the confines of Harbaugh's offense.

62 Ravens- Jesse Williams/DT. Terrance Cody lost his job last season to Kemoeatu. Eat-You is a free agent now, and unless he offers a home town discount, the Ravens are too hard up against the cap to afford him. Williams is the trifecta. He's younger, better, and much cheaper.

Round 3

63 Chiefs- Quinton Patton/WR. As long as you're gonna break the bank for a noodle armed QB, you might as well get him targets who excel at underneath work.

64 Jaguars- Menelik Watson/OT. The jags could pretty much spend this draft taking the top lineman available regardless of position, or even if he's playing D or O, and they'd have a wildly successful draft! It wasn't intentional, but that's what I've got them doing now after they added a pair of ultra talented DEs in the first two rounds.

65 Lions- D.J. Swearinger/S. Delmas is pretty good, but he's at the stage of his career where injuries are a serious concern. This wouldn't be a problem if Detroit had a quality backup. But they don't even have a SECOND talented safety on the roster, meaning that even with this move, they'll be starting Swearinger and gambling heavily on Delmas health. Yikes!

66 Raiders- Sylvester Williams/DT. I can't believe I had Sly (whom I consider a borderline 1st round talent) fall this far. This is a really easy pick to make.

67 Eagles- Jamar Taylor/CB. Well so much for the Asomugha/DRC/Samuel experiment. Eagles need to rebuild the secondary.

68 Browns- Sam Montgomery/DE/LB. Jabaal Sheard led Cleveland in sacks last year... with 7. Having two lockdown corners isn't that impressive when the QB has all day in the pocket.

69 Cardinals- Darius Slay/CB. Arizona really needs someone to play opposite Patrick Peterson. There's a cluster of CBs that I have ranked very closely, and I think 'Zona goes for Slay.

70 Titans-Tony Jefferson/S. When you're the worst defense in the league, you've got plenty of room for improvement. Jefferson's raised some red flags recently and I'll probably move him down the board a bit. But for now, I'm slotting him to a Tennessee defense that could stand to replace both of last year's starting safeties.

71 Bills- Da'Rick Rodgers/WR. The Bills are more interested in a complimentary target to play second fiddle to Stevie Johnson. But when a talent like Da'Rick falls into your lap, you change your freaking plans.

72 Jets- Jamie Collins/LB. A converted DB, Collins has the size 6'3 250 and athletic ability to stick with Gronkowski in the open field, get after the passer with regularity, or impact the run game. Sort of a poor man's version of Dion Jordan.

73 Buccaneers- Logan Ryan/CB. Another way to make Freeman more reliable is to rely on him less.

74 49ers- Brian Schwenke/C. Starting C Jonathan Goodwin is 34, and entering his walk year. He won't be back in 2014 for cap and age reasons. Schwenke fits their scheme beautifully, and will be an awful lot more cost effective.

75 Saints- Shamarko Thomas/FS. I really have trouble believing the Titans were even worse on defense last year than the Saints were. With Sham Wow on the back end, the Saints shouldn't give up nearly as many explosive plays this year.

76 Chargers- Gavin Escobar/TE. Given his age and medical history, it's a small miracle that Antonio Gates is still playing football.

77 Dolphins- Giovani Bernard/RB. Reggie Bush is probably gone. Lamar Miller's not big enough for a full workload, and Daniel Thomas isn't that good.

78 Rams- Bacarri Rambo/S. Character concerns (multiple failed drug tests) push Rambo way down the board. Fischer will gamble on talent his ability to keep troublemakers in line. First round talent in the 3rd round is a steal for St. Louis.

79 Steelers- Devin Taylor/DE. Pitt gets the pass-rushing 5 tech they've needed for a while now.

80 Cowboys- Jordan Reed/TE. A bit of a luxury pick, but Whitten turns 31 before the start of next season. Dallas needs to start thinking about the future.

81 Giants - Blidi Wreh-Wilson/CB. Corey Webster wasn't very good, all year long. Now he can suck while on the bench.

82 Dolphins- Vance McDonald/TE. Pop quiz: Name one good TE on the Dolphins roster. Hint, it's a trick question. Answer: There isn't one.

83 Vikings- Trevardo Williams/DE/OLB. I feel like this is pretty low for Williams following his massive combine. If I do this again, he'll probably be moving up.

84 Bengals- J.J. Wilcox/S. J assume Chris Crocker's coming back (or some other relatively inexpensive veteran FA) making this a luxury pick. But Wilcox can immediately compete for the starting job, and provides depth with great upside even if he doesn't win it.

85 Redskins- David Bakhtiari/OT. If the Redskins want to keep Robert Griffin long term, there's two things they need to do. Fix the turf at Fed Ex field, and get an offensive line.

86 Colts- Justin Pugh/G. Same thing applies to the Colts and Andrew Luck. This is a team that should sink multiple early picks into OL over the next few years.

87 Seahawks- Sean Porter/LB.
If you've read my Chase Thomas scouting report (the one where I said he's top 15 on my big board) you know how irrationally high I am on the Stanford product. I'm even higher on Sean Porter.

There's two things our front office is going to love about Porter. The first is that he can cover. People say that about LBs all the time, and what they usually mean is the guy can stick with a fullback in the flats. When I say Porter can cover, what I mean is that A&M used him as their nickle 'DB' at times last year, asking him to play man coverage against a WR 30 yards downfield.

The other thing I like about Porter is how well get gets off blocks. In 2011, the guy was a pass rushing OLB in a 3-4 scheme. 17 TFL and 9.5 sacks. [Just FYI, in 2012 A&M switched to the 4-3 and Porter's job was mostly pass coverage]. I don't want to turn this into a full scouting report, but suffice it to say, his ability to shed blockers makes it really tough for teams to run on him, something that's crucial for a WILL in our scheme.

I don't think the hawks have to walk away from this draft with a WILL, and I'd be happy to give Malcom Smith a crack at the starting lineup. But when a talent like this drops into your lap... you freaking take it!

88 Packers- Cornelius Washington/Defense. I didn't assign Washington a position because holy fuck! Look at his combine numbers. Dude runs a faster 40 than Kam Chancellor (0.01 seconds slower than Richard Sherman), comes 4 reps shy of DOUBLING Red Bryant's numbers on the Bench, beats Golden Tate on the leaping drills (showing leg explosiveness) and kills it with the field work. All while weighing 265lbs. Washington is incredibly raw, and at the moment the only thing he does really well is bull-rush offensive linemen. But with appropriate coaching, he could start anywhere on the front seven or even at strong safety.

89 Texans-Kiko Alonso/LB. The Texans would love an upgrade next to Brian Cushing in the center of their defense. Alsono's exactly the sort of tackling machine they're looking for. Zaviar Gooden makes a lot of sense here as well, although I see him more as an OLB than an ILB.

90 Broncos- Tyrann Mathieu/CB. I nearly gave the Broncos Mike Gillislee here, but figured with only 2 RBs taken in the first 89 picks, they could probably afford to wait another round. Meanwhile Matthieu helps address a secondary that directly resulted in them getting bounced from the playoffs this post season.

91 Patriots- Will Davis/CB. I don't care who your next highest rated CB is after Davis (Mine's Hawthorne). You can't deny that there's a HUGE dropoff in talent between that guy and Davis. With Alfonzo Dennard likely headed to prison for felony assault, the Pats are sure to grab some help at CB. Now would be a good time to pull the trigger on that.

92 Falcons- Zaviar Gooden LB. Until I looked at my big board, I really wanted to give Falcons a DE with this pick. But Gooden is just so much better a football player than my top rated 4-3 DE (Gholston) and the Falcons do need an LB. Talent wins out.

93 49ers- Ryan Swope/WR. Kaepernick has a cannon for an arm. Swope ran 40 yards in 4.34 seconds at the Combine. Questions?

94 Ravens- T.J. McDonald/S. I don't know if Ed Reed's coming back or retiring. Even if he comes, given his age it would make sense for Baltimore to draft a safety this year to act as injury insurance and an eventual replacement.

Round 4

95 Jaguars- Tyler Wilson/QB. It's a sign of how messed up the Jags roster is that fixing the QB position isn't their #1 priority this offseason. In fact, I nearly went for a linebacker with this pick.

96 Chiefs-John Simon/LB.

97 Raiders- Xavier Nixon/OT.

98 Eagles- David Quessenberry/OT. Vick's a southpaw. Getting a quality RT to cover his blind side is every bit as important as an LT is for right handed passers. Plus the Eagles line just plain sucks.

99 Vikings- Jelani Jenkins/LB. They'll move Jelani inside to better take advantage of his elite LB speed.

100 Cardinals- Chris Faulk/OT. It's one thing not to have an LT when you're starting Skelton and Bryan Hoyer at QB. But when you draft a franchise guy with a top 10 pick, you're gonna care a bit more about blindside protection. In the event that Arizona lands a franchise LT next year, Faulk's versatile enough to kick over to the right, or possibly even play guard.

101 Browns- Aaron Dobson/WR. I was quite impressed with Brandon Weeden last year given the talent (or lack thereof) that he had to throw the ball to. Arguably the worst WR corps in the entire NFL. Dobson would be a complimentary option on most teams, a chain moving possession guy. In Cleveland, he's the best WR on the roster by a wide margin.

102 Bills- Kevin Reddick/LB. Buffalo needs multiple upgrades to the LBs. Rookie Nigel Bradham played pretty well and has the versatility to play all 3 spots. Reddick is a natural SAM who fits their scheme like a glove.

103 Jets- Oday Aboushi/OT. Ok, I lied when I said the jets do nothing but draft Defense this year. I'll probably have them drafting an RB in the next round, in an attempt to get back to their ground and pound roots and keep the ball out of Sanchez hands.

104 Titans- Tyler Bray/QB. Hasselbeck's not gonna be around much longer, and it's looking more and more like Locker was a mistake. Tennessee should probably draft a QB this year to replace Hasselbeck and potentially Locker as well. I wouldn't take Bray as a UDFA, but I assume any team foolish enough to draft Locker despite the red flags about his accuracy is also foolish enough to make the same mistake twice.

105 Panthers-Stedman Bailey/WR. Tayvon Austin may have been the playmaker, but Bailey was the go-to guy in that WVU offense. At worst, the panthers will have greatly improved thier #2. At best, they'll find a guy capable of being the #1 when Steve Smith retires.

106 Saints- Chase Thomas/OLB. If you've read my scouting report, you know I'm really irrationally high on Chase Thomas. But (presumably) GMs don't read MY scouting reports. New Orleans takes him to bolster a pass-rush that could generously be described as a chick flick starring William Shatner. Absolutely terrible. Because it's a chick flick.

107 Chargers- Mike Gillislee/RB. At some point teams have to start taking RBs right? And Ryan Matthews hasn't played a full season of football since his freshman year of college, so the chargers should be expecting him to miss 8-9 games next season yes?

108 Dolphins- William Gholston/DE. Don't look now, but Miami's actually got a pretty decent defense. One thing they'd really like is a player other than Cameron Wake who can get sacks. Enter Gholston.

109 Buccaneers- Sio Moore/OLB. Quincy Black's either a really good backup LB, or a below par starter. Tampa would prefer to have him as the former.

110 Rams- Montee Ball/RB. D-Rich Pead both showed some potential, but neither has been asked to carry a full load against NFL defenders yet, so there's always a risk they aren't up to the challenge. The rams hedge their bets with a mid-round RB.

111 Cowboys- Marcus Lattimore/RB. The cowboys have nothing behind DeMarco Murray. In this case 'nothing' is named Felix Jones and he's a free agent. Dallas would be wise to draft an RB and not bother bringing Jones back.

112 Steelers- Joseph Randle/RB. Mendenhall's probably gone. Dwyer just plain stinks.

113 Giants- Brennan Williams/OT. For a guy who likes edge pass-rushers as much as he does, Jerry Reese sure doesn't seem to place a premium on the value of OT play.

114 Bears- Dion Sims/TE. Do the bears even have a TE on the roster?

115 Bengals- Travis Frederick/C. The weak link in what's otherwise a fine offensive line.

116 Redskins-Shawn Williams/S. Prior to drafting Amerson a few rounds ago, Josh Freaking Wilson was the most reliable piece of the redskins secondary. Yikes!

117 Vikings- Alvin Bailey/G (Arkansas). The Vikes are lucky Bailey's still on the table. They pull the trigger on an athletic mobile guard to help Peterson gash defenses even more.

118 Colts- Jordan Mills/OT. The colts can't block anybody. Mills can block everything.

119 Packers- Levine Toilolo/TE. They're not gonna pay Finley what he wants. He's not gonna settle.

120 Seahawks- Knile Davis/RB.
This is a huge risk/reward gamble. If all I had was the 2010 tape, I'd have told you that Davis is a top 10 pick. Dude has Adrian Peterson type upside, averaging 6.5 YPC while playing in the SEC.

So what's the downside? Injury concern mostly. Fractured his ankle in 09 had surgery to repair it. Broke his collarbone in 10. Re-fractured the ankle in 11 and missed the entire season. Came back in 12, but played like shit. Was held to under 4 YPC by all but 1 team he faced, and that included powerhouse defenses like Jacksonville State and Louisiana Monroe. He also missed two games late in the year with a hamstring injury.

The seahawks have gambled on ultra talented guys who fell due to injury concerns (most notably Walter Thurmond). A guy with sub 4.4 speed, incredible power, and a year of awesome tape is worth taking a shot on. Especially since if he goes all Ryan Matthews/Jahvid Bust on us, there's still Lynch and Turbin.

121 Texans- Brandon Williams/DT. Williams is a developmental player, who should provide depth and eventually replace 30 year old NT Shaun Cody. Like the hawks, this is a bit of a luxury pick, but the Texans roster is complete enough they can make a few of them.

122 Broncos- Kenjon Barner/RB. I nearly started last round's run at the RB position with the Broncos. A round later, there's still plenty of depth in the well, and the Broncos decide to dip before it dries. Barner's a talented runner and a decent pass catcher, which should make Manning really happy.

123 Buccaneers- Marquess Wilson/WR. TB's receiver group is good at the top with V-Jax and Mike Williams. But they were an injury away from having to start Tiquan Underwood, and that's a really scary thought. Wilson was talked about as a potential 1st rounder before his disaster of a 2012 season. TB rolls the dice on talent, hoping to give "good freeman" more opportunities to show his head.

124 Falcons- Lavar Edwards DE. One thing I learned from this mock. Atlanta can't wait this late to chase after DE talent! They lost their top 2 pass rushers (Abraham and Edwards) and even if they're comfortable promoting internally, they'll need to bring in depth. Ertz in the first round seemed like a good idea at the time, but right now it looks pretty terrible. Sorry guys.

125 49ers- Matt Scott/QB. Probably a bad idea to go into 2013 without a backup QB.

126 Ravens- Cobi Hamilton/WR. Baltimore picks up another role-player for their WR-by-committee passing game.

Round 5

127 Chiefs- Brian Winters/G
128 Jaguars- Brandon Jenkins/LB
129 Eagles- Terry Hawthorne/CB
130 Lions- Kenny Stills/WR

131 Seahawks- Marquise Goodwin/WR.
I can say with a good deal of confidence that my mock draft is wrong in regards to Goodwin. Somebody is going to take him earlier than the 5th round. I didn't drop him on purpose, I'm just not sure what team feels like rolling the dice.

Goodwin only had 33 touches all last year. You could say that's because he's 5'9" 183, and the coaches didn't want to break him in half. Or you could say it's because he was terribly misused by the Texas coaching staff. I'm of the opinion it was the latter. Compare him to Tayvon Austin (5'9" 174).

Ultimately, Goodwin's the definition of a unique athlete, and while I have a hard time picturing Carrol and Schneider going small instead of big, he brings a speed element to the offense that we just don't have. You can count on 1 hand the number of guys in the NFL with a sub 4.3 40 time.

132 Browns- Mark Harrison TE/WR
133 Cardinals- Ryan Nassib/QB. Hey the Redskins did it last year.
134 Jets- Stepfan Taylor/RB.
135 Titans- Gerald Hodges/LB
136 Bills- Chris Gragg/TE
137 Saints- Robert Alford/CB
138 Chargers- Landry Jones/QB. Rivers is 31 and hasn't looked good for a few years.
139 Dolphins- Jordan Hill/DT. A FANTASTIC value pick for a line in need of depth.
140 Buccaneers- Reid Fragel/OT
141 Panthers- Kwame Geathers/DT
142 Rams- Corey Fuller WR
143 Steelers- Michael Buchanan/LB
144 Cowboys- Khaled Holmes/C
145 Giants- Nico Johnson LB
146 Bears- Leon McFadden/CB
147 Redskins- Denard Robinson WR/QB/KR
148 Vikings- Dwayne Gratz/CB
149 Bengals- Malliciah Goodman/DE
150 49ers - Le’Veon Bell/RB

151 Seahawks- Roger Gaines OT.
Go ahead. Say it. "Who the FUCK is this guy?" The tackle from Tennessee State is so anonymous that I've seen multiple places (including scouts inc and athlon sports) list him under the wrong school. It's Tennessee State, not Middle Tennessee, or Tennessee-Martin.

Gaines played LT at Tenn state, and didn't allow a sack during his entire senior season. But in the pros, he's likely to shift to RT. He's got crazy reach (36.25" arms) impressive movement skills, a huge frame (6'6 334) and incredible strength (28 reps). He'll be a natural mauler in the running game, and looks like a decent pass protector. Above average for an RT at any rate.

Gaines isn't likely to supplant Breno in his rookie year, because the man's a bit of a project. He picked up a few bad habits in college that the DEs in the uhhh... [Tenn State conference?] couldn't punish him for. But DJ Fluker upside with a 5th round pricetag? Yikes!

152 Packers- Jonathan Franklin/RB
153 Texans- Garrett Gilkey/G
154 Broncos- Brandon Kaufman/WR. When you have Manning, a deep WR pool is important.
155 Redskins- J.C. Tretter/G
156 Falcons- Joe Kruger/DE
157 49ers-Joseph Fauria/TE
158 Ravens- Earl Wolff/S

Round 6

159 Jaguars-Brandon McGee/CB
160 Chiefs- Christine Michael/RB
161 Lions- Spencer Ware/RB
162 Raiders- Chris Harper/WR
163 Browns- Lerentee McCray/LB
164 Cardinals- Jawan Jamison/RB
165 Browns- Zach Line/FB
166 Cardinals-Steve Beauharnais/LB
167 Bills- Tharold Simon/CB
168 Jets- Stansly Maponga OLB/DE
169 Chargers- Nickell Robey/CB
170 49ers- Montori Hughes/DT
171 Buccaneers- Kerwynn Williams/RB
172 Panthers- Hugh Thornton/G
173 Saints- Zeke Motta/S
174 Rams- Akeem Spence/DT
175 Cowboys- Chris Jones/DT
176 Steelers- Conner Vernon/WR
177 Giants- Mario Benavides/C/G
178 Bears- Luke Marquardt/OT
179 Vikings- Eric Herman/G
180 Bengals- DeVonte Holloman/LB
181 Redskins- Omoregie Uzzi/G
182 Colts- Quanterus Smith/LB
183 Packers- Braxston Cave/C
184 Seahawks- Sanders Commings/CB/S
Unique athletes. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you:

"Commings is a size prospect with some good intangibles that will help him mold into a contributing backup corner for a press-heavy team. However, he does not possess the natural coverage instincts, fluidity or burst to be considered a future starter. Is comfortable and capable in press man, using his size to disrupt receivers’ releases off the line, but doesn’t show enough make up speed to consistently recover when beaten. Awareness in zone and off-man are only adequate. Has average ball skills but some upside as a playmaker. Tough against the run but still developing from a technical standpoint."

It's the scouting report on Richard Sherman, all I did was replace Sherman with Commings. In particular I like Commings size 6'0 216, speed 4.41 and ability to play press. I'd like to see him back up Earl Thomas as the free safety, although the team might like him better as a nickle CB that blows up shifty little dudes on the line. Either way, he's a talented athlete that we're hoping to develop into a quality football player, and by the time you hit the late 6th round, you can't ask for anything more.

185 Texans- Travis Kelce/TE/FB
186 Eagles-Zac Dysert/QB
187 Bengals- Demontre Hurst/CB
188 Falcons- DJ Harper/RB
189 49ers- Michael Ford/RB
190 Ravens-Ricky Wagner/OT

Also, I'd like to give a hat tip and nod of acknowledgement to turpinforpresident over on TurfShowTimes. You can see his full 7 round mock here.
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