Draft reminiscing: A good place to gloat and to laugh at yourself

We all make predictions every year about who of the top prospects is going to succeed and who is going to fail. likewise we all make our picks about the unknowns or semi-unknowns that we think our gonna be shining stars Here is the place to really talk about who "we called" and who we botched.

Now, try and talk about people you guessed on (for the Hawks or just in general) prior to being drafted. Example:

I didn't know Kam prior to draft, but once he got in camp my old HS coach who worked for the Hawks as a conditioning coach told me about this guy who was gonna be a monster. His name, i decided, was to be The High Chancellor (i like Kamtrak more) but i always took out Lawyer or Babs or whoever Madden has starting and put in 64overall Kam.

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHO NOT TO TALK ABOUT- I didn't 'discover' him in research, he was already on the team.

One more DONT TALK ABOUT example: Russell Wilson, yes we all knew Wilson since High School and we all wanted him for the Hawks since the Holmgrem regime. I'm sure a few of you actually did, and a lot of you (like me) saw QB camp and the Rose Bowl and went SHIT YEAH! but that's again not what we're here for.

Talk about controversial prospects you knew pre-media explosion, even if eventually they did get recognized.

Also, Dont Lie, its less fun. I thought JaMarcus Russell was going to be good, i thought RGIII was gonna flop. Cant win them all.

My couple of examples:


Cam Newton. Jordy Nelson. Johnathan Dwyer (not great, but him and Ben Tate were my 2 favorite backs that year). And the one ill hang my hat on is Red Bryant, yippie! we even picked him.


Andy Dalton, Adrian Peterson(really fucked that one up), Herman Johnson, Jordan Shipley, Big J-Marc and RGIII, Aaron Curry and many many more.

The jury is still out on Jake Locker, i think the dude is a stud, and im a coug.

This year's predictions, cuz why not.

Geno Smith-sucks. Barkley-Solid career. Kelce-good. (yes, saw him randomly watching a Cinci game this year. Not from this site or national media), John Boyett-short career but good, Travis long-good, Hunt-flop, Lane Johnson-flop. Caleb Shreibeis-stud.

NOW COMMENT!!!!! with your own stuff, cuz that is the fun in this post, not what i have to say

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