Oh Noooo... What have we done? Can we have a do-over? Poll- Most important poll in Seahawks history!

We now have a bunch of interesting data on the Harvin trade, and I'm a bit torn.

Harvin is a freakish athlete to the point that AP calls him a freak. He will provide an outlet for RW that will scare the living shit out of defensive coordinators, safeties and corners. He will take the top off the defense and command a double team because of his high-low abilities and likely make our running game even better because defenses will have 1 less player in the box. Not to mention the use of his speed on sweeps and screens.

The Seahawks gave up the 25th pick overall, a seventh and possibly a third next year, plus a salary cap hit that I believe averages out to $11 mill.

Greg Jennings just signed a 5 year $45 million dollar deal in Minnesota.

My question is this- would the Seahawks have been better off signing Jennings, paying his salary, netting $2 Mill against the cap and keeping their 3 draft picks?

Jennings is a first class guy, with Harvin this is a concern. Advantage Jennings, however I think Harvin is going to fit in just fine.

Harvin is 5 years younger.

Jennings is very similar to Rice in that he is a very good route runner and excellent ball catcher. In other words he would be more of a duplication than an additional different threat.

Both players have had injury concerns. I don't really feel that this is all that valid as both guys seemed to have recovered. However I do feel that Jennings may actually be starting to become injury prone. Whereas Harvin's style is somewhat inviting to injury because he plays like an RB after the catch and returns kicks. I'll call this a wash too.

When I heard of the trade I was both excited and concerned.

Excited because we just landed one of the craziest most dynamic WR in football. A player that will keep opposing cornerbacks and safeties awake at night.

My concern comes from the fact that the trade is an about face in the way the Seahawks have gotten to the enviable position they are in. They have worked to accumulate picks, not trade them away. They have done an amazing job in turning those picks into starters and probowlers. They have spent money on offence in FA, but not in conjunction with coughing up picks.

My conclusion is that in this phase of the build, I will take the trade. We have all seen what transcending talents like RW and ET and Sherm allow coordinators to do. I trust that this FO has a plan for the cap moving forward and that doesn't include rebuilds, just continuous reloads. Based on the brilliant signings of the 2 DL in the last couple days and our recent drafts I believe that Aprils draft will provide enough starters to keep us moving forward within a brilliant master plan.

Having said that, I'm not sure if I can be truly objective, can you? Please debate this poll objectively. And know this- the Seahawks are going to be fucking ridiculous this season. That is not up for debate.

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