Not who but HOW Hawks will draft this year


RW, The reason we can attack the draft via

Let the others speculate who the Hawks will draft this year, I want to speculate HOW they will draft. How they draft early that is. There is a lot of talk of DL help but I think something just as possible is the Hawks might trust past drafts. Meaning, let Scruggs, Irving and Howard develop and skip this position for early targeting. We know a WILL linebacker is needed to replace Hill, let Smith and last years LB Toomer develop.

Who then, should they target early. One is nobody's favorite draft target, but a QB's best friend, an Offensive Lineman. You say, I thought we would trust past drafts, OL is one position where you can never stop churning. Also, the Hawks have not devoted any valuable draft spots to a WR. I know, Technically you could say Percy is a number one, but I am hoping to see if JSPC can pick a big WR as well as they have picked DB's. A WR who could blow the top off of the defense with speed will also give RW more power. Perhaps a TE would be their choice to work the middle.

This strategy, if it hits, allows the Hawks to clear some cap space in future years. Sydney, who I love, is expensive and probably will have to go or he will need to have his salary reduced. Golden played well last year, but a payday is probably in his future.

Also, WR usually need a few years to fully develop.

The right side of the line also is kind of costly for what we are getting.

Finally, I love Zach, but at his price, it seems he must be replaced, hopefully with a talented rookie.

This strategy includes looking for Defensive help next year, as well as OL again.

Of course, if a special talent drops to them, I could see them drafting any position early, if its a QB however, I will be angry.

Go Hawks!

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