Who are your Seahawks core players the next 3 to 5 years?

It is an exciting time to be a Seahawks fan. Especially the last few days with the additions of Avril, Bennett and Harvin. The amount of talent that Schenider has amassed is almost embarrasingly awesome. The day will come soon enough where we have to stick with our core players. Every sports team has them. To build a winning basketball team, you gotta have an elite post, wing and point guard, then surround them with role players. Baseball you should have an ace (Felix!), a closer, two thumpers in the middle of your lineup, then strong defense up the middle.

Football? Besides the franchise quarterback as a no brainer, everyone seems to build teams a little differently. Due to the limitations of the flat cap the next few years each team must build and keep a group of core players and surround them with journeymen or rookies and 2nd year players. As I stated in my last post, we have an unique window of an elite QB getting paid peanuts to surround Wilson with an extraordinary amount of high paid talent. No team is close to having 10 starters getting paid 5 million or more, PLUS one that is getting paid 7 million as a backup! (Flynn!) By 2014 I suspect we will have to stick to these core players in high profile roles:


QB Wilson

Center Unger

LT Okung

WR Harvin

Another WR/TE either Rice/Miller


LEO Avril

MLB Wagner

FS Thomas

CB Sherman

Frankly, starting in 2015 these guys will be the only highly paid players. No Clemons (getting up there in age), no Bryant (ditto, plus injury concerns), no Marshawn (will be an OLD 28 with his running style), no Bam Bam (can't afford it) and either Rice/Miller is also gone. With the salary cap situation this is really only who we can afford.

So, who is in your core group if you have to stick to 8 or 9 marquee players?

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