A More Relatable Russell Wilson (video proof that he isn't a robot)

I might be Russell Wilson's biggest fan. As an adult male who is only 5'2", I root for him as only a short person can. He gives hope to vertically challenged people everywhere. His beautiful passes fill my dreams and I sleep every night in my beloved white no. 3 jersey. If I were Kenneth I would make a joke here about how my physical appearance has affected my ability to get with the ladies, but Wilson is teaching everyone that height doesn't have to define what you can do with your life, so I won't make that joke.

I've probably watched every interview of him on the internet, and in every single one he comes across as a completely perfect, robotic, politically correct, articulate little man. He's the living embodiment of a flawless human being; the guy your mom and your teachers want you to be. But his persona leaves you wanting a little bit more.

It's almost uncomfortable how immaculately Russell Wilson presents himself, and I personally have always wanted just a little bit of reassurance that there's a normal human being in there somewhere.

I present to you now that reassurance.

In most of the mic'd up videos, Russell Wilson talks like he always does. Monotone. Emotionless. Robotic. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. I think most guys do the courtesy of telling everyone that they were mic'd up, and Sidney Rice probably didn't. THANK YOU SIDNEY RICE.

Thank you for unveiling the human side of Russell.

(Oh yeah and thanks for repping the name "Sidney" spelled with an "i". I'm another Sidney with an "i", and I can't tell you how often that gets messed up. Hell, the person who uploaded this video even messed it up. Rice spreads awareness for ALL the important issues)

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

Highlights: 0:22, 1:27, 1:53

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