My 2013 Seahawks 7 round mock draft

2013 Seahawk draft predictions:

Trade back in 2nd for another 4th rounder (credit Davis Hsu for the prediction)

#2 Aaron Dobson - 6'3" 210lb WR out of Marshall. Runs a 4.37-4.42 40 and doesn't drop passes…like ever. Not sure why he is projected late 2nd, early 3rd, but this is our guy. With what we are spending on our WR group and the lack of real depth beyond the top 4 will prompt us to keep looking for talent here. Also we will not have the budget to keep Rice, Harvin, Tate and Baldwin through 2014…especially after we win the SB and Tate/Baldwin find out how much they are worth in the FA market.

#3 Stefan Charles - 6'5" 310lb DT out of Regina U in Canada eh? This guy is a beast and also runs a 4.78 40…There are not many DT's that move like this ever, period. This guy has huge upside either as a 3-tech or spelling Red Bryant at 5-tech. Everything about him says Seahawk, I'm going to be disappointed if we don't leave the draft with him.

#4 Luke Marquardt - 6'8" 315lb OT out of Azusa Pacific. Small school athletic tackle that has the size, length that Tom Cable looks for. Also has the aggressiveness that is desired in OL candidates. Could be good competition for Breno on the right side and needed Tackle depth. We may not be able to keep both Mcquistan and Giacomini through 2014 either.
#4 Kyle Juszczyk - 6'1" 248lb FB/TE H-back out of Harvard. Another versatile weapon to add to an already dangerous offense. He can line up as a FB and is an excellent run blocker or TE offset in the formation. I can bet that if we don't take him the 49ers will. It probably depends how the Seahawks see Mike Rob's future here who will be a FA in 2014 and is already 30 years old.

#5 Joseph Fauria 6'8" 259lb TE out of UCLA. We are still looking for that guy that can box out on key 3rd downs and in the red zone. Yeah we signed Darren Fells, but Fauria kind of falls into the same category and obviously has more experience. Fauria was a 3rd down specialist and red zone touchdown machine at UCLA and I'm sure Pete Carroll has an inside track here as well.

#5 WR/RB Denard Robinson 5'11" 199lb WR/RB from Michigan. How about 4.3 40 elite speed that can line up in the backfield as a 3rd running back and change of pace or as receiver. He played QB in college, but is an athlete that can do it all. Oh yeah he also can return kicks in case we don't want our 14 mil/year receiver (harvin) getting beat up doing that. Will he last this long to the 5th?

#6 Cooper Taylor 6'5" 228lb SS/OLB from Richmond. How about that size/length playing SS or WLB? How about a 4.46 40? People say Cooper reminds them of Kam, though I don't think he brings the same level of pain. He certainly looks faster then Kam though. Could provide good LB competition and safety depth or worse case play some special teams.

#6 Quinton Dial 6'6" 318lb DT out of Alabama. I just have a feeling the Seahawks are going to be interested in Quinton. He has the size and attitude they look for on the DLine. Watching his highlight films he kind of has the Red Bryant pissed off ogre characteristic to his game. We need DL depth that plays like this. He may go before the 6th though.

#7 BJ Daniels 5'11" 222lb QB from South Florida. Random late round read option short QB pick here, nothing more, nothing less.

#7 Craig Wilkins 6'1" 238lb LB out of Old Dominion. Runs a 4.5 40, 28 bench reps of 225lb. Lead his team in tackles and TFL's. Clearly has some athletic gifts that the Seahawks value at LB. May end up as an UDFA or late pick. One of the select few players the Seahawks brought in for a visit

#7 Jeremy Harris 6'3" 181lb CB from New Mexico State. Runs a 4.48 40, 36 in vertical. Has the length and speed the Seahawks look for. Maybe this years Jeremy Lane. Also one of the select few players the Seahawks brought in for a visit
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