O/T: Lets Play a Game...

Stephen Dunn

So, the NFL Draft happened (I love the Jesse Williams pick), the Kings to Seattle deal was killed, and the Mariners are still shitty as ever. These things make me not want to talk about sports. I've been super busy lately writing papers and shit, I needed a break to do something fun. I thought I'd post this as an off topic thread as a nice distraction for us all. I love Field Gulls and haven't had as much time to contribute as I'd like, lately. Here is my proverbial box of chocolates and edible underwear to make up for it.

What follows is a game, a game of wits! I am going to give you seven descriptions of movies, since I know a ton of us here at FG are movie buffs. Your job is to figure out which movie I'm referencing. Can you guess them all?

Number One

The heartwarming tale of a young man and his sister's efforts to reach out to their father, a disabled war veteran, before it's too late. It is a movie about self-discovery and what it really means to be a family.

Number Two

A man at the top of his game is responsible for a terrible accident that kills his best friend. In order to redeem himself and win the love of his girl he must saddle up and ride again.

Number Three

The moving story of an ex-con that leads a group of fellow rejects against all odds. They must battle an evil business executive and an unstoppable empire to save the city.

Number Four

A political thriller about royal usurpation and an exiled prince's struggle to return to the throne. To save his kingdom, the prince must depose his despotic uncle and uphold his father's honor.

Number Five

An Italian language comedy about a man who just can't catch a break. He is forced to team up with a hard nosed master of disguise to find a long lost treasure.

Number Six

A war film about friendship, patriotism, loss and the horrors of war. One soldier must overcome the impossible and find a way home to his beloved.

Number Seven

A high octane action film about two brothers who must team up to save their boyhood home. Along their way they must avoid the police, the military and an irate group of Neo-Nazis.

Click on the headings to find out which film I'm talking about. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Let me know your scores and of course, GO HAWKS!

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