Post Draft look at Roster-Offense

A post draft look at the offensive roster and where players likely stand heading into mini camps based almost entirely on my personal opinion. 25 offensive players were on the opening roster last year, the numbers in () reflect the number after the final cut down of 2012.

QB (2)


3-Russell Wilson


10-Brady Quinn

1-Jerrod Johnson

6-Josh Portis

Seattle only carried 2 QBs on the 53 man roster last year with Portis spending most of the year on the practice squad. I expect this will be the case moving forward. Brady Quinn is the favorite here but as seen last year Carroll isn't afraid of going with youth at the position. I'd expect a QB to end up on the practice squad so Portis and Johnson are likely battling each other for that honor if neither can win the back up job.

RB (5)


24-Marshaun Lynch

Christine Michael

22-Robert Turbin


26-Michael Robinson


Spencer Ware

Long Shots

40-Derrick Coleman

Dominique Whaley

Last year the team opened the season with 5 backs. Lumpkin was released in mid-September and they went with 4 guys for the remainder of the season. If they open with 5 again it appears 4 spots are taken, Robinson is in the probable group but but is a near lock in my opinion, Robinson contract puts him at some risk but at the end of the day I think he makes the 53 man roster. Ware is a bruiser and I expect him to be given every chance to make the team. If I were betting I'd put money on the top 5 backs all being on the final roster.

WR (6)


11-Percy Harvin

18-Sydney Rice

81-Golden Tate

89-Doug Baldwin

Chris Harper


83-Stephen Williams

15-Jermain Kearse

14-Charly Martin

13-Phil Bates

Long Shots

Matt Austin

16-Brett Swain

19-Bryan Walters

Last year the Hawks opened the season with 6 receivers and ended the season with 5. A total of 8 guys spent time on the 53 man roster, 6 of those 8 remain in the organization. They also added Harvin and Harper both of whom I consider locks to make the team giving them 5 locks at the position. Its possible those are the only 5 they carry in order to get the 5th back or a 4th TE onto the roster. Williams (whom Schneider seemed excited about when signed), Kearse, Martin, and Bates will need to beat out bubble players at RB and TE if they want to make the final roster. They carried at least 1 WR on the practice squad for most of the 2012 so I'd expect that to continue. At this early stage of the process I predict they open the season with 5 WR in order to an extra player somewhere else.



86-Zach Miller


85-Anthony McCoy


46-Darren Fells

84-Sean McGrath

Luke Willson

Long Shot

48-Cooper Helfet

Miller may be asked to restructure his deal in 2014 but he is safe in 2013, it would take an upset for McCoy to be left off the final roster. This team opened last season with 3 TE but did carry 4 at times. I expect 3 to be the ideal number but could see Willson and Fells both forcing their way onto the roster with their athletic ability. Willson showed he can play in the slot at Rice and I could see the team viewing him as both the 4th TE and 6th WR. I think McGrath has an uphill battle but if neither Fells or Willson prove ready and the team prefers they open on the practice squad he could make the team.

OL (9)


76-Russell Okung (T)

68-Breno Giacomini (T/G)

77-James Carpenter (G/T)

60-Max Unger (C)


67-Paul McQuistan (T)

74-John Moffit (G)

64-JR Sweezy (G)

61-Lamuel Jeanpierre (G/C)


Michael Bowie (T)

Jared Smith (G)

Ryan Seymour (G/T/C)

Long Shot

Alvin Bailey (T)

75-Mike Person (T)

63-Rishaw Johnson (G)

Jordon Roussos (G)

They opened with 9 guys last year but carried 10 OL at times. McQuistan is probable as of now because of his versatility but his contract could make him expendable if a young guy like Seymour shows they can handle backing up multiple positions. Jeanpierre is the only guy besides Unger listed at C on the Seahawks roster so that makes him probable for the final roster by default at this time. Seymour did play some C in college so the team may look at him there. I think the 3 seventh round picks are battling for 1 or 2 spots on the end of the roster, the team also signed a couple undrafted free agents to compete on the OL. Last year the team typically had 10 lineman total between the practice squad and active roster, I don't expect that to change much.

Total 44 (25)

Locks 14

Probable 6

Bubble 13

Long Shot 11

Analysis-If the team keeps 25 offensive players as they had last year there appears to be 5 spots up for grabs with 13 players battling for those spots. Based on past roster numbers I'd expect 1 QB, 3 from the RB, WR, TE groups, and 1 OL to fill out those 5 spots. Not a ton of room but some roster spots up for grabs.

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