O/T: Let's Play a Game With a Vengeance

Ronald Martinez

Once again, your weekly movie trivia game returns! Last week was pretty terrible, I'll freely admit, but this time I endeavor to make a come back. I hope this is more Last Crusade than Dark of the Moon. By now you know the rules. However, I'll tell you them anyway. I'm giving you seven descriptions of seven movies, it is your job to guess which movie I am referencing. Also, use this as a general O/T thread to discuss anything you want. Here Goes!

Number One

This environmentally conscious film delves into the dangerous reality of humanity's potential for destruction. In order to save our planet a group of lovable misfits must take unusual steps to correct the mistakes of the past.

Number Two

This is a moving tale about redemption and how love conquers all. A man must fight his past sins and over come addiction to be with the one he loves.

Number Three

A timeless post holocaust tale based on previous literature. The film deals with embracing differences and loving others for who they are on the inside.

Number Four

A political commentary about the plight of an occupied people. A man lost not only the war but is forced to wander in the forest of conflicted love.

Number Five

A Canadian man is caught in a struggle for the truth. He must race all over the countryside to answer a burning question. If he is unsuccessful, he will be locked up for murder!

Number Six

One man must battle against all odds to stop an evil empire from gaining untold power. He must use his wits and cunning to overcome his crippling fears to save his maid from the clutches of someone who betrayed him.

Number Seven

In this film, an outsider's ways and customs are illegal in his new home. He must rise above the law, religion and society to bring freedom the people of his adopted home.

How did everyone do? I hope this one was up to the standard I set in the first game. Hopefully, none of these were too vague or obvious. Any feedback is good feedback, let me know how I can improve this.

As always "GO HAWKS"

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