O/T: Let's Play a Game IV: The Voyage Home

Harry How

Before I begin, I want to share with you a bit of advice in the form of an anecdote. I had a job interview today and I inadvertently slipped into Russell Wilson press conference mode. I reference "championship mindset" and being "on a constant quest for knowledge". I thought this would go unnoticed (I live in Alaska, not many Seahawks fans here) and it did. However, I noticed that the individual interviewing me responded rather positively to this type of rhetoric. I'm fairly confident I got the job. So my advice to you is: when in doubt, be like Russell Wilson.

Anyway, you know the rules. Seven descriptions of movies, creatively spun by me, your job is to guess which movie I'm referencing. I hope everyone is enjoying these, they are a blast to write.

Number One

A disgraced man is pried away from his lucrative nautical career to save a city. He must team up with colorful cast of characters to claim victory. Along the way, we learn what it truly means to have heart.

Number Two

A man is shot in Chicago, his future seems forfeit. This film follows his 16 year journey to reclaim his honor and his boyhood dream.

Number Three

An immigrant tale wrapped in comedy and action, this movie tells the tale of man and his crusade. The film maker makes frequent references to both mythology, past works and even board games.

Number Four

The gritty tale of a man newly release from captivity who must learn new skills to satisfy his family and the state. He must pass a final trial to win the one he loves, even if he doesn't know it.

Number Five

A grizzled veteran must regain his place on top when a new ranger breaks out on the scene. This struggle for dominance is put aside as the two parties must race to save each other before their home is out of reach.

Number Six

More of a play than a movie, everything on screen is "real time." The subject matter of this movie is quite controversial, it is literally the gayest (not in a derogetory way) movie I have ever seen.

Number Seven

A character driven story about a man and his sacrifices for his family. He struggles with to maintain and improve his relationship with his daughter. All he wants to do is see her live out her dream to be a singer.

There you have it! How was it this week? Did you get more than last time? Let me know.

Also, I wouldn't normally do this but I just launched my own blog. Check it out if you have time. I know my mom and my ten stalkers think I'm hilarious, tell me they're wrong. You can follow me on twitter as well!

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