2012 Seahawks scouting: Week 2 Cowboys 27-7 W

Enjoy part 2 of this analysis series.

Seahawks Win over the Cowboys 27-7 at home.

  • Seahawks reduced their penalty yards considerably from the Week 1 disaster. 5/35 yards
  • Special teams played a big role in this game, and provided them 10 of their 27 points.

Offense avg yards 5.0

  • Offense was very efficient and finished drives with touchdowns compared to the week 1 challenges.

Rushing - 41/182 4.4 avg

  • Omiyale was filling in for Okung at Left Tackle and struggled to run block. Missed 3 run blocks in the first half
  • Moffit was playing Right Guard and looked much better then Sweezy
  • Added Sweezy back in towards the end of the game and he looked bad once again missed another 3-4 blocks. (So you want to blame Sweezy's bad week 1 performance on a great game by Darnell Dockett? What's his excuse this game?)
  • McCoy misses blocks in the 2TE sets too, appeared only mediocre as a run blocker
  • Breno Giacominni was a monster this game blocking in running situations. If you only watched this game there would little controversy about Giacominni’s play


  • Giacominni is on the left side of the screen blocking #50 who ends up pancaked on the ground.


  • This time you can see #68 seals the inside, creating a 1on1 on the outside for Lynch who turns it into a big play


  • This is a great shot showing Giacominni on the left side basically blocking 2 people, one directly and the other one is cutoff from the play based on the position of the block
  • Moffit seals the inside nicely, you can see Lynch just hitting this nice hole with nothing but open field in front of him.

  • Mike Robinson had trouble locking on to Demarcus Ware causing a few run plays to blow up.
  • Mcquesten looks really solid playing Left Guard, not making many mistakes.

Passing - 15/20 133 6.0 avg

  • Wilson was very accurate. Also he was only sacked twice, no interceptions. Scrambled 4 times
  • McCoy, Tate and rice had 3+ catches

Defense - 5.2 yards avg allowed

Rushing - 16/49 3.1 avg allowed

  • Irvin gets pushed around against the run, can't get off blocks in the few instances he was in at Leo on a running down. This theme of course continues all year as we know.


  • You can see Irvin on the right side, engaged in a block, in a perfect position to set the edge and turn the run back inside. How many times do we see Clemons do exactly that in this situation?


  • Sadly Irvin is no Clemons.
  • Irvin's blocker falls down, but Irvin just doesn't have the awareness/timing to get off the block and set the edge
  • Yeah this is one play and you could say I'm picking on him, except I know this is what happened all 1st Quarter against the Falcons with disastrous results.
  • Bryant, Branch and Mebane anchored against the run very well, allowing the second level to do a great job limiting rushing opportunities once again.
  • Chancellor was the top tackler and again really plays the box well.

Passing - 23/40 247 6.0 avg allowed

  • Irvin got the only sack on Romo, pressure in general was decent
  • Romo threw one interception into traffic, but made several other incredible throws into traffic as well.
  • Both Trufont and Browner gave up some big plays as well as Chancellor taking a bad angle in coverage, but overall the secondary did well.
  • Bend but don’t break was the theme in this game as the Cowboys moved the ball well at times, but came up with nothing.
  • What is up with not having a Line Backer responsible for the running back releasing out of the backfield? It seemed like 25% of their passing game was this play in the middle of the field with nobody to pick it up.

In summary, the team already looks completely different between Week 1 and 2. The running game is much better in large part to taking Sweezy out of the lineup (though as soon as they added him in for a few downs, he promptly screwed up some more running plays). Russell actually has receivers to throw to. It's tempting to draw parallels to the yards given up against Kolb and the yards against Romo in this game, but they really happened very differently. Romo just flat out made some great throws. He's a gambler sometimes it works for him, sometimes it doesn't.

Also we cannot ignore the fact that this game may have been played much closer if you take away the special teams punt block touchdown and opening kickoff fumble by the Cowboys.

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