O/T: Let's Play a Game Part II


Back by popular demand, or rather demand of the always popular Danny, is the next installment of this game that needs a clever name. Brainstorm motherfuckers! I know, I know sequels are never as good as the original. However, I strive to be like Russell Wilson and make every game better than the last. This thread can also serve as a general off topic thread, discuss anything you want. I will attempt to do one of these games per week during the off season, no promises. If I miss a week I'll post a longer game the next.

Just like last time, there are seven descriptions of movies. Your job is to guess which movie I am referencing. I'm not big on themes so there probably won't be one. Good Luck!

Number One

This is an all too topical story of sexual identity and warfare. One man must come to terms with his impulses and lead his army to save a nation.

Number Two

The heart pumping science fiction tale of two future saviors of human civilization. These men must rise above adversity and learn from the great men and women of history to complete their journey.

Number Three

The world is in chaos in this unorthodox, high-octane thrill ride. An unlikely hero must team up with a crack team of operatives to stop a madman's terrorist plot.

Number Four

A family film about a down-on-his-luck uncle who is forced to live with his beloved niece and her family in California. This side-splitting adventure revolves around the uncle's terrible luck with women.

Number Five

A humbling social commentary film about how greed can ruin lives. The Chief Financial Officer of one of the world's biggest companies plans a hostile take over. The heir to the company's fortune must use his wits and cunning to thwart the greedy bastard.

Number Six

A heartwarming Christmas film based on a novel. A man must battle holiday hi-jinx to reunite his family. This is probably the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

Number Seven

The story of three immigrants trying to make it big in America. Their tale is one of lust, love and luck. The three men over come all odds to finally crank it up to eleven.

Well there you have it! I tried to make it easier on you guys this time. There are plenty of hints through out the clues. I hope you enjoyed this little thing. We seriously need to come up with a good name for this SOB. If you people keep recing and commenting, I'll keep making them.

As always, GO HAWKS!

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