Better then expected...

Better than expected…

With all the media hype surrounding the seahawks this off-season and all the experts lining up to predict an amazing season to come what could really be better than expected for this team ?

Actually, quite a few things. With all the attention based on last year’s performance and the new big names added in FA there are a lot that can actually be better this year. This is my list.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. 1. <!--[endif]-->RW. The major opinion is that he is good enough, and he is. That he just needs to avoid the 2nd year slump and use all his new shiny toys to avoid defenses learning him and targeting him. That could be true for RG3 maybe, or a Cam Newton. Players that take full advantage of their physical capabilities to shine on the field. RW is not the fastest, most agile, strongest and certainly not tallest QB. The qualities that made him what he is and brought about his amazing rookie year are those that will ensure he keeps getting better. Yes, BETTER. He is just starting his 2nd season and for the first time has a full off-season to play around and test everything before it’s game on. Can you think of any player that will benefit from it more the RW ???. Yes, he will be better…much better this year. He will read the game better, pass faster, by mid-season he’ll call audible and by the end of the season people will debate if it’s ok to call him ELITE already.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2. 2. <!--[endif]-->The mighty secondary. With a group nickname and being labeled “the best secondary in the NFL” people tend to forget that the veteran in that group has about 30 NFL games under his belt. Those guys are young and as amazing as they played they can and will be better this year.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3. 3. <!--[endif]-->LB’s – Not our most heralded group. More than any other group those guys need experience and understanding of the game. K.J. and Wagner has about 40 NFL games combined. They are young, fast and strong. They are both primed to take over the game. And they will. Next year they will be mentioned in the same breath as the secondary.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4. 4. <!--[endif]-->The rookies. Before the draft, after trading the 1st round for Percy and with a very talented roster the common opinion was that it would be very unlikely for the hawks to find contributors at late rounds. The verdict was – it’ll be very hard for those guys to even make the team. After the draft people tried to see the upside in those strange picks so they won’t be proved like idiots for the 3rd year in a raw. Still the reactions were lukewarm at best. No respect for the FO magic. The following rookies will have a major impact on the team –

Jesse – The big man will prove to be an unmovable object in the base defense. He will hold the run game and learn to use his strength to push people into the pocket.

Hill – Will end the year with 5 sacks and be a very disruptive factor in the pass rush from the inside.

Willson – Will finish the year with 20 catches for over 300 yards and will stretch the field for Percy underneath.

Harper – Will find his role using his strength as a position and red zone receiver.

Michael – Will ease the burden on Lynch allowing to be in peak form for the playoffs and will be the future RB for this team.

Bowie – Will become the backup Tackle, will add depth and be future starter.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->5. 5. <!--[endif]-->Breakout guys. 3 players in particular will end the year as big names on this team. They are :

Carpenter – Finally healthy he will become a huge power on the O Line and will make the left side of the Oline – the best in the NFL.

Sweezy – With a full year to learn and another off-season to work on his technique his physical attributes will start to show as he takes his place as a RG for years to come. Next year 4 teams will draft Defensive lineman to convert to the Oline. That draft move will be called “pulling a sweezy”…

Thurmond – By the end of the year he will be a full legion member and will have a new contract to show for it.

When comparing the preseason forecasts to the actual season most experts will say – As good as we predicted they will be – they were better…

When the 1st teams on offense and defense will meet in peds on the field next year in training camp it will be better than the pro bowl.

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