2013 Depth Chart/53-man Roster Predictions

First off I'd like to point out that the Seahawks will be running a pretty crazy defensive scheme with lots of personnell changes this year. Due to this nobody is going to be 100% accurate in their depth chart predictions but based off of what I have heard, what I see and who I feel would do well this is my prediction for the 2013 Seahawks Depth Chart.

Secondly I want to say that I am writing this as an opinion, and wanted to see a realistic depth chart, compared to Bleacher Report's attempt.

1. Russell Wilson
2. Tarvaris Jackson

I have TJack beating out the other QB's due to the fact that he knows the playbook and the personnell. He's also proven he can do more then Brady Quinn as a starting QB.

1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Robert Turbin
3. Christine Michael (R)

I think Christine Michael has the big play ability and has more talent then Turbin, but Turbin was impressive in his carries last year which should keep him at #2 for now.

Michael Robinson

It's possible we leave a backup spot here for Spencer Ware but I have a feeling he will be headed to the Practice Squad.

1. Sidney Rice
2. Percy Harvin
3. Golden Tate
4. Doug Baldwin
5. Chris Harper

Bevell uses our WR as chess pieces and can easily move Harvin, Rice and Tate in and out of the slot. A depth chart for our WR is kind of pointless just due to their strengths and weaknesses. I put Rice at the "#1" because he should mostly be the big body on the edge. I have 6 WR's making the team because of injury concerns from Harvin and Rice. I believe in them, but we do need backups.

1. Zach Miller
2. Luke Willson
3. Sean McGrath

1. Russell Okung
2. Mike Person

No competition here, Okung will hold the starter job.

1. James Carpenter
2. John Moffitt

If Carp can stay healthy, he is a steam roller. Image a healthy Okung, Carpenter and Unger on the left.

1. Max Unger
2. Jarid Smith (R)

Unger firmly holds the starting C job but I can see the converted DT Jarid Smith learning behind him like Sweezy did with McQuistan.

1. Paul McQuistan
2. JR Sweezy

I could see Sweezy eventually taking over for McQuistan, he is on the wrong side of 30 and Sweezy will have more experience.

1. Breno Giacomini
2. Michael Bowie (R)

As much as Breno loves yellow, we don't have much other option at this point. Pete and Cable love Breno so he should hold this spot for this year while Michael Bowie learns behind him.

1. Chris Clemons
2. Michael Bennett

Chris is currently injured but he is a solid DE. Stops the run and rushes the shit out of the passer. He will be back and starting on the right side. I can see Michael Bennett starting in his place until he is back. Bennett is also going to switch between DE and DT throughout the year so expect to see him inside as well.

1. Brandon Mebane
2. Clinton McDonald
3. Jesse Williams (R)
4. Tony McDaniel
5. Jordan Hill (R)

For the DT's Mebane is the only clear starter to me at this point. I think training camp will tell who will be the other starting DT. 2-5 could easily be mixed up from here to Week 1 so I wouldn't choose any particular order for these. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I'd like to see Brandon Mebane next to Jesse Williams/Jordan Hill.

1. Red Bryant
2. Cliff Avril/Bruce Irvin

Big red is going to continue to be the run stuffing force on the edge. Dan Quinn has pointed out the versatility of our DL and said some players will be going between DE and DT. Nothing specifically mentioned Big Red as one of these players but I could see Red Bryant scoot to DT on 3rd down plays. Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin I think will swap in and out of the 3rd down pass rusher role on the LE.

1. KJ Wright
2. Malcom Smith
3. John Lotuleilei(R)

KJ Wright has moved to the ROLB spot and will be out there almost every down. He should also be out there when we are in Nickel packages. Backups for LB spots will mostly play special teams roles unless injury occurs. 2 and 3 could easily be changed to Mike Morgan instead of Malcom Smith.

1. Bobby Wagner
2. Heath Farwell

Bobby has a strong hold as leader of the defense. He did a fantastic job as a rookie and will be steam rolling opponents as long as he stays healthy. Heath Farwell is a special teams standout and will definitely get a spot on the squad.

1. Bruce Irvin/Cliff Avril
2. Mike Morgan

Again the 2 and 3 spot could easily be others but I strongly believe that we will be seeing Avril and Irvin swap between DE and OLB on third downs, but also be out there on non-nickel packages as the LOLB. Imagine Bruce and Cliff on the edge on a 3rd down (non-nickel). I could be completely off from this prediction but Bruce has the speed to handle it.

1. Richard Sherman
2. Antoine Winfield
3. Thurmond Simon(R)

Sherm has a hold on the CB spot and should be starter all year pending no more PED violations or injuries. Antoine Winfield should earn the nickelback position in nickel packages which will give him significant playing time as well. Thurmond Simon has lots of talent and I believe he will be out Byron Maxwell for the job, although it is a coin flip.

1. Brandon Browner
2. Walter Thurmond
3. Jeremy Lane

Browner is there for obvious reasons. Walter Thurmond has a lot of buzz around him this off season and I feel he will finally be able to get over the injury hump and contribute to the team. Jeremy Lane backed up BB last year admirably and should be out other CB's for the job.

1. Kam Chancellor
2. Winston Guy/Jeron Johnson

Winston Guy and Jeron Johnson are fairly equal skill wise (at this point). I want to lean towards Jeron Johnson here due to no PED violations and he has potential.

1. Earl Thomas
2. Chris Maragos

These were obvious picks.

Steven Hauschka

Jon Ryan

Clint Gresham

Percy Harvin

Golden Tate

Let me say again, this could be completely off, but I feel it is way more accurate depiction of what our team should look like, come Week 1. What do you think of all the changes we are going through this year? I also triple checked the player count, im pretty sure this is 53.

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