Pre-season posts: where to focus our attention?


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Hello fellow Seahawks fans (and curious readers).

This is clearly one of the most anticipated, and perhaps most exciting, off-seasons in the history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. The targets are on the 'Hawks back, the expectations are increasingly growing unrealistic or at least overly optimistic (though there's never been really enough optimism for fans of this team until very recently). As the fourth decade of Seahawks history continues to unfold, there are a number of items to reflect upon at the moment.

In thinking about a post that touches upon these items, though we are not close to the final 53-man roster yet, I see that there's a certain richness of possibility to the 2013 Seahawks. Maybe we are all pondering where we are in the Seahawks timeline and what this coming season might mean for the team, its fans (all over the world), the management and ownership, the city of Seattle itself, and the NFL. There are so many themes that picking just one as an area of focus is both easy and hard. It could be easy if one chooses to do a series of many posts, individually attacking the important things, one at a time. But to more comprehensively address the truly interesting stuff, and to dig a bit deeper, takes a bit of doing. For an example of good writing that covers a lot of ground with an overarching theme at its core, do check this out, if you haven't already:

With that in mind, I'd love to get some feedback about a central theme to such a post. I plan on covering many key points, but what would be the best "glue" to make the most compelling reading? All comments are really appreciated! I want to create something worthwhile and hopefully entertaining while remaining insightful. When a picture is simply too interesting, attractive, exciting, alluring...then it's hard to know where to start. What do we really look at first? What do we consistently refer back to, in order to understand what we're seeing? This year's Seahawks team presents a picture that is so beautiful that it's distracting. Is it all smoke and mirrors? Will it come down to dumb luck, or injuries/lack thereof? Will something majestic or catastrophic determine the success of the team this year? We don't know...right now it is all just SHINY HAPPY GORGEOUS. So what shall we examine to help comprehend what is yet to come?

Here are some themes that stand out right now:

1. The potential of this team in 2013 and beyond

2. The place of the 2012 season leading into the 2013 season in the "important Seahawks moments" which you hold dear to your own heart and memory

3. What to make of the current Seahawks identity given the past perception of the Seattle franchise around the entire (rather east coast-biased) league

4. The legacy being built by Pete Carroll in Seattle (with the help of John Schneider and ownership)

5. The individuals on this year's team best suited to the "Walter Jones-Steve Largent-Cortez Kennedy" model of play, with fealty and perseverance and exceptional physical and mental talent as part of their arsenal of gifts to Seahawks fans (who we know deep down will be identified as Seahawk lifers)

I await your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks! Go 'Hawks!

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