Where are they now and.... Oooohhhhhh Shiny!

Ever wonder who is still on a roster from the Pre-Carroll/Schneider Seahawks draft classes? Thanks to I compiled this list of Seahawks Draft picks that were still active for the 2012 season. Steve Hutchinson drafted in the 2001 draft and is the oldest draft pick still playing as of last year.

Player Name Draft Year Round Pick Overall 2012 Roster Position
Steve Hutchinson 2001 1 17th Titans LG
Rocky Bernard 2002 5 146th Giants DT
Marcus Trufant 2003 1 11th Seahawks CB
Wayne Hunter 2003 3 73rd Rams T
Josh Brown 2003 7 222nd Bengals K
Sean Locklear 2004 3 84th Giants T
Niko Koutouvides 2004 4 116th Patriots LB
Donnie Jones 2004 7 224th Texans P
Chris Spencer 2005 1 26th Bears C
LeRoy Hill 2005 3 98th Seahawks LB
Darryl Tapp 2006 2 63rd Eagles DE
Rob Sims 2006 4 128th Lions G
Ben Obomanu 2006 7 249th Seahawks WR
Josh Wilson 2007 2 55th Redskins CB
Brandon Mebane 2007 3 85th Seahawks DT
Will Herring 2007 5 161st Seahawks LB
Steve Vallos 2007 7 232nd Eagles ??
Lawrence Jackson 2008 1 28th Lions DE
John Carlson 2008 2 38th Vikings TE
Red Bryant 2008 4 121st Seahawks DE
Owen Schmitt 2008 5 163rd Raiders FB
Justin Forsett 2008 7 233rd Texans RB
Aaron Curry 2009 1 4th Raiders LB
Max Unger 2009 2 49th Seahawks C
Deon Butler 2009 3 91st Seahawks WR

Below I added the first 3 drafts for Carroll/Schneider. I think it is safe to say that there are a minimum of 6 home run picks and possible dynasty caliber players picked already. I really don't have too much to add to these lists because I think they speak for themselves.

Player Name Draft Year Round Pick Overall Position
Bruce Irvin 2012 1 15th DE
Bobby Wagner 2012 2 47th ILB
Russell Wilson 2012 3 75th QB
Robert Turbin 2012 4 106th RB
Jaye Howard 2012 4 114th DT
Korey Toomer 2012 5 154th ILB
Jeremy Lane 2012 6 172nd CB
Winston Guy 2012 6 181st DB
J.R. Sweezy 2012 7 225th DE
Greg Scruggs 2012 7 232nd DE

James Carpenter 2011 1 25th OL
John Moffitt 2011 3 75th G
K.J. Wright 2011 4 99th LB
Kris Durham 2011 4 107th WR
Richard Sherman 2011 5 154th DB
Mark LeGree 2011 5 156th FS
Byron Maxwell 2011 6 173rd DB
Lazarius Levingston 2011 7 205th DL
Malcolm Smith 2011 7 242nd OLB

Russell Okung 2010 1 6th T
Earl Thomas 2010 1 14th DB
Golden Tate 2010 2 60th WR
Walter Thurmond 2010 4 111th DB
E.J. Wilson 2010 4 127th DE
Kam Chancellor 2010 5 133rd DB
Anthony McCoy 2010 6 185th TE
Dexter Davis 2010 7 236th LB
Jameson Konz 2010 7 245th TE

I am in awe of what this new team looks and plays like. I am in love with the terror Kam Chancellor strikes in opponents. He has a number of amazing hits (I'm looking at you Vernon Davis), but for some reason his destruction of Phillip Tanner still blows me away.

I love the fact that there are actual highlights of SEAHAWKS players ! Do you remember when the only Seahawks you ever saw on replays were getting burned for 50 yard TD passes? You might catch a glimpse of them on the occasional highlight reel.... of opposing teams!

Youtube loves the Seahawks now. Try Brandon Browner blowing up 3 Cardinals during a single play! Try Earl Thomas leveling our very own Percy Harvin. See Richard Sherman destroying Skip Bayless... ok that was kind of embarrassing for all parties. His finger wag is pretty badass though. The Seahawks DBs have a Nickname! They deserve one too. If they can put together a championship they will write it in the history books. I can't wait for this season.

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