Last year hawks...

The plan…JS said the Seahawks have one. He actually said they have a few models for it.

So, what's the plan?

We are a young team that will have multiple new talented mouths looking for their significant piece of the cap pie year after year.

By the end of this year the immediate list is Carpenter, Thomas, Tate, Baldwin, Browner, Thurmond…

With the Harvin's contract it's hard to see who we feed all of them and keep everyone else. Whatever model JS will follow – it will include guys ending the Seahawks chapter of their football career.

Since there's nothing better to do till training camp – let's try to guess how, who, why…


Breno – I love the guy but if Carpenter or Bowie has a good season he is too expensive to keep.

McQ – Same as Breno. Valuable but too rich for a backup guard.

Robinson – Another tear shed but…too old to pay.

Heath – What can I say, every little counts.

Winfield – Decides to call it quits and sit in a rocking chair polishing his new ring.

Could be:

Tate – If we keep Rice and Harvin and he wants a big payday – It won't be with us.

Baldwin – If we do keep Rice, Harvin and Tate somehow – we are not paying a 4th receiver.

Carpenter – If he doesn’t have a great year both medically and productively he won't be here.

Thurmond – See Carpenter.

Browner – This will hurt but…if he insists on a BIG payday and Thurmond has a great year – his age might make the call.

Bennet – Just because he is on a 1 year contract.

Only if we really really really have to:

Red – Another year with injuries etc. and a great year for Jesse, Hill, Bennet etc. and his contract may be too high for us.

Rice – Can we really pay 2 receivers more then 10M a year? If Harvin. Tate and Baldwin are effective and Rice won't restructure – He may be the one leaving.

Clem – If he doesn't make it back from injury at 100% - He is not young and with Avril, Bennet and Irvine – His big contract may be the reason.

Lynch – OHH MY GOD…but he is not getting any younger or healthier or driving any soberer. We can still get something for him, Turbin and Michael may have a great year…whatever, it could happen if we have to.

Or – Tate and Thomas love the team and cherish their new SB rings so much they agree to a team friendly rate. Carpenter feels guilty for the 2 years he spent at the doctor's office and does the same. Rice and Lynch are happy to restructure, Clem knows he must restructure, Browner can't leave the legion, Breno and McQ take veteran minimum contracts, the cap is raised to 150M and everybody stays one happy family.

…and I win the lottery…buy a privet jet…a red Ferrari and a black Corvett…

OK…what do you think will happen?
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