The quiet revolotion

When last season ended with that heart breaker in Atlanta the road ahead looked clear.

After a 7-1 2nd half and the road victory in Washington it looked like this team is ready for more. A very talented and balanced young roster should only get better next year, a few upgrades in FA and the draft should cover whatever holes you could see in that roster and there was nothing else needed. Just go out there and do it again the way we did it last year.

All the parts were in place, a few twinks here and there, another wrinkle or two and we are good to go all the way.

Everybody thought so. The annalists confirmed it. All we had to do was work hard, get in shape and go.

It's time to recognize that the above is not what happened. We are not just taking the good team we already have and get it ready for a season without the the 1st half jitters of 2012. There is a full scale revolution happening without anybody paying much attention to it. Seahawks 2013 is not going to be the 2nd half of 2012 seahawks with little changes - It will be a revolutionized team.

The signs were there all along but we were so sure about the master plan that we didn't evaluate them fully. The common reaction was - "The rich just getting richer" or something about the arms race in the NFC west.

Looking at everything as a whole and a new picture is forming. The 2013 seahawks will be different then the 2012 team.


The first visible step was in the offense. You do not pay Harvin 65M and 3 draft pics so he can run the same routes that Rice or Tate did. Even if he runs them better, they did it good enough. When you here the remarks from the coaching stuff about new ways for getting him the ball and you look at the ways the same offensive coordinator used Harvin in Minnesota you can see the following -

The seahawks will try to get Harvin the ball at least 10 times a game. Those plays will be new plays designed to make the best use of Harvin's attributes and capabilities. Having Harvin on the field forces defenses to account for him and opens the way for other options based on Harvin's play. Those are approximately 20% of our offensive plays per game that will be NEW.

Add to the above Luke Willson. he is something new we didnt have before. A fast TE that can go deep and quick. that's worth a few new plays a game either to him or using his speed to stretch the field and open spaces.

Add to the above a better and improved RW getting a few more passing plays per game and this offense will not just be a continuation of the end of 2012 Hawks. This will be a revolutionized offense.


They did finish the year with the least points allowed so need to change much there if at all. We brought Quinn since he knows it and will just continue as we did before. THINK AGAIN...

Is started with Avril and Bennet and NcDaniel. A bit of an overkill for a top 5 D. Then we added Hill and Williams with 2 of our top 4 picks. What about the LB to replace Leroy? - I guess they think the young guys they already have can fill that gap. Then we got Winfield, the best nickle corner against the run.

Then we hear that players are practicing at least 2 different positions each. Really? they do it just in case they may need to. Versatility is good for a player. Since when do NFL teams regularly make a player practice a significant amount of snaps not at his position just for fun?

Then it's talk about Irvin's new role. Then it's whispers about a 4-3 with 3-4 personnel playing 5-2 at times...

If i didn't know about that amazing 2012 defense, 1st in the NFL in points scored against, i would say that next year we'll see a total revolution in the defensive front play. Lots of dynamic position shifting and changing, lots of different looks. The type of defense you cant read according to personal on the field.

Is it just my imagination or is there a full revolution happening quietly when everyone expects us to do the same all over again?

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